olives and tannin woes

10.27: proj.cook/olives:
. I picked and pitted some of brother Art's olives .
. as the pits are pushed out of the olive,
there is a chunk of olive that comes with it,
which is usually discarded, but I tried to salvage them .
I boiled the pits and then the fruit flaked off;
but it smelled rather unfamiliar, so I tossed that water
even though it had some oil in it .
. then I pureed the half cup of fruit with 2 egg shells,
and re boiled . this smelled and tasted like olives .
. next time I'll skip the fruit separation,
just adding an egg shell puree to boiled pits,
and then do the separation in my mouth .

proc.cook/olive soup:
. cup/2 pitted olive meat was boiled in plenty of water;
the water was tossed, then this was boiled again:
vitamixing of meat and 2 egg shells .

10.28(next day):
olive cake side affects mostly gone now:
. I was having hot urine, sour stomach,
phantom olive odors,
... but I have looser stools now, and more cramping .

10.27: web.cook/olive/toxins:

just oleuropein?:
. oleuropein, is not that bad for you except for taste .
. some olives can be eaten raw .
[... soon I would find out the main toxins
are the tannins ...]
Robert Blair:
olive cake is fit for cattle feed
when mixed with urea, formic acid, and molasses,
. besides a lot of tannins,
there is acid detergent lignan,
and some polyphenols .
Nutritive values appear to be higher in
the [fattier] crude olive oil cake
than in the defatted cake.
Crude cake may nevertheless limit the
global digestibility of the diet
since its high oil content reduces rumen fermentations
by increasing fat and free fatty acids content
and its high polyphenol and lignin content
 inhibits fermentation .
Mechanical extraction of olive oil yields about
33% (with 24.3% water) crude olive oil cake .
. too many tannins in tea can cause cancer:
they can also cause kidney irritation and liver damage .
. milk binds to tannin and renders it harmless;
tannins are metal ion chelators
and react against iron and other minerals,
interfering with their absorption.
[ apparently the milk provides plenty of calcium to bind to .
... but egg shell calcium-treated olives
still destroyed my stomach ...]