#caffeine increased microvascular flow by 30%

11.22: news.health/caf/increased microvascular flow by 30%:
Masato Tsutsui, MD, PhD:
. Previous studies have revealed improvement in
large artery function in association with
caffeine consumption,
as well as a reduced risk of dying from
cardiovascular disease.
. a double-blind crossover study showed that
caffeine contained in a cup of coffee
improves microvascular endothelial function
in healthy individuals
(that is a measure of vascular resistance
within microvessels and tissue blood flow).
. five ounce cup of coffee with caffeine
was compared to decaf
to evaluate microscopic blood circulation.
(Blood flow to the fingers is an indicator of
small blood vessel endothelial function.)
. the caffeine increased blood flow by 30%
in comparison with those that received the decaf
over a 75 minute period .
. I often use caffeine pills for relief from
heart ache due to blood vessel constriction;
but recently I've had chronic inflammation issues
due to autoimmune or infection
and coincident with that an edema indicating
poor endothelial function;
and high-dose caffeine has not cured this .