#NWO agenda is not "global depopulation"

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AMTV `Global Depopulation Next on the Agenda of the NWO:
28: summary:
. when I tag an article (pol/purges),
I'm refering to history's cycles of
good times leading to overpopulation
followed by famines or wars
that serve to purge the excess numbers .
. the purpose of the next war, WWIII,
is not to purge overpopulation
but to determine who will lead
in the new global government
that protects the world from terrorists
before they can perfect some beam weapons
like what dustified the towers on 9/11 .

. many people responded to this vid:
AMTV `Global Depopulation 
Next on the Agenda of the NWO:
here were some comments I liked:
Joe Patriot:
[overpopulation is a delusion?] Not at all,
the only reason we can sustain
the current 7 billion
is the GMO / pesticide paradigm,
this is unsustainable,
there has to be a more stable path.
That path is to let the population decreace
thru natural attrition and limited reproduction.
Isee Futility:
This phony borrowing generations into the future
allowed this massive over population bubble.
If you look at the insane rise in population
it mirrors the borrowing starting in the 1960s
with Vietnam and War on Poverty.
It has accelerated every year as we
borrow more like a runaway freight train.
This borrowing allowed people to massively
over breed their resources based on unsustainable
government deficit supplied wealth.
. For the most part
the population bubble will "pop"
just like all bubbles
and the least [...] prepared will be screwed
..... just like all the other bubbles.
Matt Nelson:
. they have been doing this [depopulation]
since march 2011, ts called fukashima!,
the pacific is dead, we are dying,
they already have plans to completely evacuate the
entire west coast of north america,
and the entire northern hemisphere will have to
shelter in place for months or years,
and they say the likelihood of the happening is
95% or higher in the next 3-5 years,
China has now BANNED all imports of seafood
from the west coast of Canada and the United States
due to radiation accumulation!!!,
then we have the GMO'S and the push for WW3
through syria,Iran, and Japan and China,
…it's not next on the list, it's already happening