prediabetes epidemic precedes #diabetes epidemic

10.1: news.health/prediabetes/defined and risk-assessed:
. prediabetes is defined as
 (FPG[fasting plasma glucose] 100–125 mg/dL
or a hemoglobin A1c level of 5.7%–6.4%)
--  higher than normal but not high enough to be
classified as diabetes.
In 2010, approximately 1/3 of U.S. 20+ year-olds
had prediabetes, (an estimated 79 million persons).
. during 2005–2006, only approximately 7%
of persons with prediabetes
were aware that they had prediabetes.
Each year, 11% of persons with prediabetes
who do not lose weight
and do not engage in  moderate physical activity
will progress to type 2 diabetes
during the average 3 years of follow-up.
Evidence-based lifestyle programs
that encourage dietary changes,
moderate-intensity physical activity,
and modest weight loss
can delay or prevent type 2 diabetes
in persons with prediabetes.