Collective Unconscious vs Godhead

12.18: news.relig/god/Collective Unconscious vs Godhead:

NeuroSoup`Collective Unconscious vs. Godhead
. this video talks about levels of tripping,
first there are mere hallucinations,
then telepathy and oneness with things .
. entering the Collective Unconscious
will give you an appreciation for all religions
by experiencing their languages
and getting an understanding of their symbolisms .
. finally there is the Godhead experience
which couldn't be explained
but from the sum of the video
the point of the title is that
sometimes the god itself is confused with
things the god merely provides
such as Collective Unconscious,
and synchronized messaging for telepathy .

in another video god is explained:
. time is not linear when you're
in the godhead experience;
time slows down and speeds up;
you can see the future and the past,
you have a map with the time branching
to all other times at once;
and, there are many maps to choose from .
. god is infinite in time and space:
everything and nothingness at the same time .
. god is love is why we're here,
which can seem to make no sense
[ given the creation it came up with ],
but once you experience godhead,
you understand it as love .

aligned with Dream theory:
. my own understanding of godhead
is that the natural state of being
is an infinity of diverse experiences,
happening all at once
collectively describing existence
as nothing in particular
because that's how you describe nothingness:
it's not just a particular feeling
of dark space,
because, that would be something,
and there is not yet a god
to choose something in particular .
. the universe is any rule that creates
an orderly place for every experience
each separated from the other,
so that they don't have to be experienced
all at once and forever;
so, the universe has to design
a time line, a group of beings,
and a god to fill beings with fears and lusts
in order to generate all sorts of tortures
that will be locked away into a past time .
. any overriding force of psychology (god)
that can make the people endure that
would be considered to be a force of love,
sacrificing a few experiences
to gain an infinity of purely perfect living
instead of the infinite nothingness
that feels like heaven-hell at the same time .
. when you can see all the times at once,
you can see the god is love .