alternatives to wikipedia

12.4: web.cyb/net.wiki/alternatives to wikipedia:
. when considering alternatives to wikipedia
it is more than just a source of info,
it's something that can be edited by the public .
. we need a replacement for wikipedia
that doesn't shun conspiracy theorists;
and esp'ly the replacement must
allow mention of Dr. Judy Wood .
. the replacement should make categories per page,
according to what class of references are allowed:
# sources citable by academics,
# source trusted by the mainstream,
# sources considered to be on the fringe .

. the closest I've seen is wikispooks.com .
. citizendium.org is trying to replace wikipedia
but their 9/11 page is such a mess
they still don't have a citable version of it
let alone a mention of Dr. Judy Wood .

. openlibrary touts a page for every book,
and here is Dr.Wood's book's entry (a stub).
. you can help them fill out the catalog details .
"How would you describe this book? 
There's no wrong answer here."
. here's my contribution:
Dr. Judy Wood on openlibrary.org .

One of Wikipedia's founders, Larry Sanger,
created Citizendium in the hopes of
improving on Wikipedia's model.
With what the site refers to as gentle oversight,
all articles are subject to approval by
the site’s editorial team.
Articles that haven’t been approved
will have an accompanying disclaimer,
which helps to prevent people from
taking potentially false information to heart. 
places to find info without wikipedia
(most offerings don't allow public editing):