how much proof does a good gambler need?

10: co.apt/relig/god/how much proof does a good gambler need?:
. if you can see any proof of supernature,
and that it is interacting with our mind,
then the simplest theory explaining that is:
there is one supernatural intelligence
and it has full control of mind .
. the god could use this control to
give us roles in a game or long-term plan .
. if you look at parapsychology
as contributing to a proof of supernature
you can see there is considerable debate
about its scientific validity;
but if you are good gambler,
you have to ask yourself:
do I want all my money on one theory?
if there is a god giving guidance to all,
and thus there really are no secrets,
then I could be vulnerable,
so in the slim chance that there are no secrets,
how do I want to defend myself?
should I have nothing to hide,
or should I have layers of security and weapons
to protect me from people knowing my secrets ?
. if you assume that god is
trying to use us in a game,
you can then have a more conscious choice
about what role you finally play in that game,
and are less likely to be played the fool .