dem vs repub are like sunni vs shia

10.2: relig/dem vs repub are like sunni vs shia:
. there is a major split in Islam
over how the politics should be decided;
should the rulers pick their successors,
or should the people or their elected rep's
vote on who the next leaders are ?
Christians are the same way:
traditionals point at the bible
which is sort of dictating leadership,
since we never get to vote on what a good god is .
. democrats are the other christian
who believe all laws should be voted upon,
therefore, republicans are like the shia,
and democrats are like the sunni .
we need to write the democrat's bible,
pointing out that the traditional bible
is dictating to us what kind of god we have
without showing us verifiable evidence
such as parapsychology's evidence of supernature .
. a bible should include commentary like:
" certain ancient tribes claimed the god
actually has a 10-commandment opinion,
which includes not killing;
but if you look at nature
-- the first hand of god --
killing is our number#1 means of
staying healthy and strong;
likewise if we can't make a person happy,
we should offer them euthanasia .
. god also gave us big brains to
figure ways to cure sick people,
so the law of efficiency and progress
should be telling us to cure whenever possible;
esp'ly because, the more people we cure,
the less the woman labors to replace them ."