Typhoon Haiyan as a "charm offensive" #911neocons

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12: dutchsinse:
co.youtube#dutchsinse mentions Haiyan:
. his most recent vid's do find evidence of
weather modification coincident with
the most recent Philippines devastation .

Here is the original video he made
in regards to Typhoon Haiyan / Yolanda
forming as the result of a pulse,
leading the MSM + "expert" Dr. Mahar Lagmay of NOAH
to go on the air, and engage in a
smearing / attempted "debunking"

Michael Janitch
... the ‘new’ physics doors opened up by
generating zero-point / zero-vector
energy at a distance.
It throws certain aspects of the
inverse square / thermodymanics laws
into an "x – factor" , in essence,
moving the goal posts on what is "possible"
through the use of "radio waves".
Radio frequency (RF), is now proved to be
capable of generating energy at the distance
from the transmitter (energy means heating or plasma).
The plasma is generated via a literal
“stripping” of electrons from the earth's
magnetosphere / ionosphere / or atmosphere.
This is called "electron precipitation".
The electron precip accumulates rapidly into
what we would call a "precursor" to plasma.
The same thing that happens before a lightning bolt developing,
electrons building up to the point of a ‘static discharge’,
however, with a targeted beam of RF,
electrons precipitate in a controlled area,
and quickly forms into VISIBLE plasma.
The plasma , once it is formed, has been experimented with.
They have found that using ANOTHER targeted beam
of High Frequency(HF) Radio Frequency,
that this 2nd beam can "control" the area of plasma generated.
Using the 2nd beam, the plasma area can be MOVED,
it can be INCREASED in size / power, through a process called
a "frequency pump" or "pumping".
Quite literally, using devices like RADAR, HF or VHF,
to target the plasma generated, and "pump it"
to thousands of degrees Fahrenheit.
There are other experiments done,
where the reverse is performed,
and what is called a "cold plasma" can be "pumped down",
to make a cooler area (relatively cooler compared to
surrounding areas in the upper atmosphere
into ionosphere where temps are measured in Kelvin
rather than Fahrenheit or Celcius).
The heated or cooled pumped plasma can be moved,
as demonstrated through Project Shiva.
Shiva was the use of what are called plasma Torroids,
which could really just be called
"fast moving balls of controlled plasma".
Like ball lightning, but not electric, plasma.
These torroids can be moved at speeds
nearing the speed of light (speed of magnetism).
Bragged about by the US Military as a
missile defense weapon that has already been tested,
and is ready/capable along with HAARP.
Furthermore, the director of HAARP claimed HAARP itself
would now function as the new Shiva:
Capable of generating the plasma torroids.
Then, using other RADAR / RF facilities
to move said torroids across the Atmosphere / Space.
The other use for this heated, or cooled plasma,
is weather modification ... .
... when a High Frequency pulse is emitted from a facility
(such as HAARP for instance,
but could be any facility on earth),
when that HF pulse goes out into the
upper atmosphere / ionosphere
.. this HF pulse NATURALLY cross-modulates into VLF.
Simply put, the HF turns into VLF
when it reaches a high point in its arch of transmission.
. once it reaches its zenith,
the HF pulse (along with its electromagnetic potential)
travels to a conjugate point on the south pole.
[and] when the signal reaches the South pole,
planet earth actually REPELS the charged signal
back to the North pole !
This all happens at the speed of light / magnetism,
and the signal ‘bounces’ on this magnetic ‘string’
back and forth for several days.
Assuming that no more pumping is done into the string,
the resonance happening on this string
eventually settles out to electromagnetic ground,
which in essence is the core of the Earth.
The VLF and HF waves have different effects.
HF [is] for plasma, heating, missile defense,
weather modification.
VLF, [is] for earth penetrating tomography,
long range communications,
even as far as inducing earthquake activity,
volcanic eruptions, and even the potential for
influencing objects in space.
13: why would the usa typhoon the philippines?,
. there was a youtube of philippines tv
actually trying to debunk a viral video
showing how usa bases with weather modification capability
are in the area where weather modification was shown
by the global background microwave monitoring system .
. why would the usa typhoon the philipines?:
they are also hitting their other ally, india
-- all places we need to have rebuilt and civilized
as part of usa's strategy of surrounding china:
india is next to china, and is such a trusted ally
that usa is outsourcing military there!
(helping us build and design military equipment).
. india is trusted because they have a
mutual hate of muslims,
who took land from india and renamed it pakistan .
. when we typhooned india,
we were helping india's billionaires,
because that place is getting thick with the poor,
and their shacks need to be replaced with
a modern civilization dependent on the gov't .
. the philippines is another poverty hole,
plus their poverty is generated by muslims;
and so, by typhooning the philippines,
the military has an excuse to scout the area
and civilize it as it distributes aid .

13: news: mil-mil visit coincides with weather mod activity:

Gen. Mark A. Welsh III with the Defense Writers Group
spoke about his recent trip to China;
. he commented that the quality of his reception by the Chinese
may have "benefited from" a Chinese "charm offensive"
following earlier meetings between
President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping.
"My biggest takeaway was
I think we can communicate -- we can cooperate in a way
that helps prevent misinformation
and miscommunication [and] accidental confrontation" .
Military-to-military contacts will never be
the main pillar of the Sino-American relationship,
but ...
The U.S. Air Force is working with the Chinese
in professional military education exchanges,
and Chinese and American service members
are working together in various exercises.
The two nations are building a working relationship
for search and rescue operations,
and are cooperating on disaster assistance
and humanitarian relief exercises as well.
One such exercise is happening right now in Hawaii, he said.
14: news: Operation Damayan:
Operation Damayan is the relief effort 
in the typhoon-ravaged Philippines .
Damayan is a Filipino word
that means helping each other .