15% of #cancer victims survive 20years #Fukushima #wifi

news.health/cancer/15% survive 20years:
National Cancer Institute study  has found that
 approximately 13.7 million cancer survivors
were living in the United States as of 2012,
a figure which is expected to approach 18 million by 2022.
66% have survived 5 or more years
40% have survived 10 or more.
15% have survived 20 years or longer .
A coordinated agenda for research and practice
is needed to address cancer survivors' long-term
medical, psychosocial, and practical needs
across the survivorship trajectory.
10.1: news.health/nuclear pollution is getting worse:
Dr.Deagle interviewed .
. the Fukushima nuclear accident is getting worse
and the global background radiation is getting higher .
. they list many health problems you could have
from such radiation increases;
cancer is just the end-stage problem .

10.10: news.health/cancer#breast/many types .

10.23: news.health/cancer/
risks from cell phones and smart meters:
. smart meters use wifi to capture data;
if the meter has no access to a cell tower,
then it can wifi to a neighboring smart meter,
and this propagates out until a cell tower is reached .
. while ionizing radiation (like from nuclear)
is breaking covalent bonds,
non-ionizing radiation like wifi and cell phone
is breaking van der waals bonds,
which are vital to the proper shaping of
proteins including DNA .
. sensitive people go into afib,
and childhood leukemia are proportional to
the distance from a cell phone tower .