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6: relig/jc/I and my father are one:
. when Jesus said "I and my father are one"
[John 10:30]
he was saying that his policies were
one with the policies of traditional Judaism,
and one with the g-d of Israel .
[28: verse 35:
. he clarifies that "son of g-d" or "one with g-d"
is synonymous with "am the mouthpiece of g-d",
or "the word of g-d came to me" ]
. he claimed to be a prophet, not a deity,
one sent by the Father to bring Israel
back to the good graces of that Father .
win israel by first winning foreigners:
. when he wanted to save the world,
it was seen as the only way to save Israel,
as they seem obsessed with worshiping
foreign gods .