#canaan #fairtrade olive oil

12.29: web.aq.cook/canaan fairtrade olive oil:
. I recently became acquainted with
canaanfairtrade.com's olive products:
organic oil, pickled olives, and soap .
. I live right next to California,
so I'd rather get my cooking oil locally;
but I was quite impressed with canaan soap .
. Dr. Bronner's soap contains olive oil
that comes from both Palestine and Israel,
and can be found in many stores .
. I prefer liquid soaps myself,
and that too has olive oil in it;
but the canaanfairtrade.com bar soaps
claim to use a lot more olive oil,
and thus help Palestine more,
however, Dr. Bronner's is on amazon.com,
and might be more convenient for most
while still helping Palestine a lot .
olive oil is graded for cooking or soap:
The lower quality oil [not extra virgin]
is sold to make Dr. Bronner's Soaps .
canaanfairtrade coconut-olive soap:
80% of oil is canaanfairtrade olive
20% of oil is Sri Lanka coconut .

Dr.Bronner's is Canaan's largest buyer:
Canaan supplies 95% of their olive oil needs.
[ "Canaan" includes Palestine, Israel,
Lebanon, western Jordan and southwestern Syria;
but here at canaanfairtrade.com
canaan appears to be equated with Palestine .]
Aside from sourcing significant amounts of
olive oil from Palestinian fair trade farmers,
Dr.Bronner's is invested in Canaan
and the lives of Palestinian farmers
beyond mere purchases. They provide
significant advance payments during harvest. 
Dr.Bronner's other source for olive oil is Israel:
Sindyanna, a Fair Trade business
run by Jewish and Arab women in Israel,
supports Arab-Israeli producers.
. the Jewish Israeli Strauss family farm
is a pioneer in organic olive oil production.