reusing #Apple #iMac #superdrive dvd burner?

10.24: web.cyb/dvd burner enclosure:
. for reusing the mac's burner (or just player?)
I need a dvd enclosure ...
if this doesn't work out,
my mac replacement will have a dvd;
eg, one dell compatible with qubes os
comes with a dvd writer for $35 .
. the chromebook is no place to test the new dvd:
Chromebook can't play USB CD or DVD drives .

[12.12: spec's of imac drive:

sony nec optiark model# ad-5630a
-- interface is P-ATA
(PATA is the same as JAE 50-Pin).

but the firmware can differ:
. I'm suspicious this may render the superdrive
unusable as an external usb dvd drive .
. also consider that the imac this drive came from
may have had its firmware maliciously reflashed
by the #badBIOS malware .

IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics)
was upgraded to the ATA standard
(Advanced Technology Attachment)
that covered CD-ROMs as well as harddrives .
When SATA ( Serial ATA ) came out,
people started using "PATA" (Parallel ATA)
to refer to the older parallel bus
(those using ribbon cable),
to be more specific than the term ATA,
which can refer to either:
Both PATA and SATA are part of the ATA standard,
as well as being IDE devices
and use the same logical command sets,
but they obviously have a different
electrical interface.
JAE [Japan Aviation Electronics]
. makes connectors .
. apparently, from amazon review hints,
the JAE 50-pin is an implementation of PATA .

10.24: the 12.7mm vs 9mm:
"You can purchase the USB enclosure for
12.7mm SATA optical drives (used in most laptops)"
. mac is using 9mm I think ... .
. the 9mm vs 12.7mm has nothing to do with
the control interface;
it's merely the height of the drive
(that determines the caddy you need).

12.12: how to reuse the imac's superdrive? @macrumors:
. they said the drive's old parallel interface
is not worth reusing .
. perhaps the most relevant issue is firmware?

12.12: PATA enclosures:

. if you search for DVD P-ATA Enclosure
you can see interfaces that obviously fit .

$9 HDE (TM) External CD DVD IDE/PATA Enclosure
$15 External USB 9.5mm PATA IDE DVD drive case enclosure
. one with lots of reviews (Sabrent) .
. some complained it contained no interface card;
others denied that, including one fluent reviewer
who claims it needs non-standard drivers? weird .
-- for Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP and Vista;
make sure to find one for linux .

here's something for linux that looks like a fit:
(you have to read his reviews as a group):
review of Blu-Ray Player External USB DVD RW
Laptop Burner Drive (Electronics):
. I needed a slim optical drive for
a new PC build (mini-ITX)
and couldn't find a reasonably priced ODD
with BD-ROM read capability until this one .
Pulled it out of its enclosure,
and installed it in the PC .
. You will need an mini-SATA adapter
if you intend to use it the way I did
because the power connector is not standard.
(well, it might be standard for laptops,
but I haven't seen a standard PSU yet
with that power connector.)
E.g.: SYBA Cable CL-CAB40042 37inch/6inch
MiniSATA Data/Power with Molex Power Adapter
review of USB to JAE 50-Pin Slim-CD Slim CD DVD Adapter:
Had a spare 50-pin slot load DVD/RW drive
[ a 50-pin JAE like the superdrive ]and needed a slim drive,
so I bought a BD-ROM/DVD-RW drive in an enclosure.
I pulled that drive and put it in my new mini-ITX build,
bought this [USB to JAE 50-Pin Slim-CD Slim CD DVD Adapter],
and put my old slot drive into the enclosure .
- fired up and worked right out of the box.
Success on Win7 and Ubuntu 11.10 boxes.