worsening weather from EM field pollution?

10.23: news.phy/increasing radio waves and risk of hutchison effect:
Dr.Wood warns of electromagnetic pollution:
. the Hutchison Effect releases  dramatic amounts of energy
by combining a static field with self-canceling radio signals,
that turn transverse waves into longitudinal pulses
in the electromagnetic fabric that light and radio travels on .
. the smart meters, wifi, cell, and digital tv
are increasing the amount of interfering signals
that could accidently produce the Hutchison effect .
. the increase in supercell weather events
has coincided with the emergence of
new radio frequency transmission towers
for the digital television switchover in 2009.

sources of static fields:
Technologies using static fields
are increasingly being exploited in
selected industries, such as medicine
with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI),
transportation systems that use DC
or static magnetic fields
and high-energy physics research facilities.
As the field strength of the static field
increases, Electric and magnetic fields
are generated by phenomena such as
the Earth's magnetic field, thunderstorms,
and the use of electricity.
When such fields do not vary with time
they are referred to as static
and have a frequency of 0 Hz.
In the atmosphere, static electric fields
(also referred to as electrostatic fields)
occur naturally, in fair weather,
and especially under thunderclouds.
Friction can also separate
positive and negative charges
and generate strong static electric fields.
Their strength is measured in units of
volt per metre, (V/m),
or kilovolt per metre (kV/m).
In daily life we may experience
spark discharges with grounded objects
or hair rising as a result of friction,
for example from walking on a carpet.
The use of DC electricity is another source of
static electric fields,
e.g. rail systems using DC, and televisions
and computer screens with cathode ray tubes.
IARC Monographs on the evaluation of
carcinogenic risks to humans (2002),
Non-ionizing radiation, Part 1:
Static and extremely low-frequency (ELF)
electric and magnetic fields.
Lyon: International Agency for Research on Cancer,
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