BPA-poisoning from receipt paper #cancer

2.1: news.health/BPA-poisoning from receipt paper:
. shopping reciepts use a type of paper
that is impregnated with BPA (Bisphenol-A)
an endocrine disruptor linked to cancer,
obesity, diabetes, CVD, and infertility .
. how much of the BPA rubs off on your hands
depends on what else is on your hands:
. using hand sanitizer (and other skin products
that contain dermal penetration enhancers)
increases BPA absorption by as much as 185 times

The default method used by regulatory agencies
to test for hazards posed by chemicals
is intra-gastric gavage. For BPA
this approach results in less than 1% of
the administered dose being bioavailable in blood.
It also ignores dermal absorption as well as
sublingual absorption in the mouth
that both bypass first-pass liver metabolism.
The elevated levels of BPA that we observed
due to holding thermal paper after using a product
containing dermal penetration enhancing chemicals
have been related to an increased risk
for a wide range of developmental abnormalities
as well as diseases in adults [plos.org 2014].