elucidate wiki's account of WTC destruction

. this is in reference to an earlier blog post
in which I was concerned that skyscrapers are using
controlled demolition as means of
emergency fire suppression
without telling either the public or firefighters .

6.10: co.apt/pol/purges/controlled demolition/automated:
. why didn't they tell the firefighters to leave
if they controlled when the building would fall down?
perhaps the demolition system is automated:
ie, the building could be sensing when its
electrical coordination system is about to get
compromised by the fire,
thereby allowing it to avoid a controlled demolition
up until the point at which the fire damage would
render the system unable to execute a demolition .

5.3: proj.cyb/net.wiki/World_Trade_Center#Destruction:
. I need to include in the tower destruction page
that the way it was destroyed has been disputed .
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World Trade Center controlled demolition conspiracy theories
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wiki's World_Trade_Center Destruction

At 9:59 a.m., the South Tower collapsed
after burning for approximately 56 minutes.
The fire caused steel structural elements,
already weakened from the plane impact,
to fail.
The north tower collapsed at 10:28 a.m.,
after burning for approximately 102 minutes.[118]
At 5:20 p.m.[119] on September 11, 2001,
7 World Trade Center started to collapse
with the crumble of the east penthouse,
and it collapsed completely at 5:21 p.m.[119]
owing to uncontrolled fires
causing structural failure.[120]
This account of the collapse's cause
was disputed by proponents of
World Trade Center controlled demolition
conspiracy theories