beautiful photostitching in Linux

5.5: web.cyb/mac#lion/photo stitch replacement:
. the new Lion system doesn’t include Rosetta,
which means the older PowerPC-only programs
can’t run on it;
so, I'm going to be out Canon's Photo Stitch?
what are some linux replacements?
. another term for Photo Stitching is Panoramas .
... and if linux doesn't work out;
Canon upgraded the PhotoStitch to work with Lion
(freeware -- not just an upgrade).

 6.19: have the cd?:
. there is also a version for Windows,
but it's only an upgrade,
you'll need the cd that came with your Canon .]

[6.19: tried the linux openware:
. after installing Hugin on linux
with Ubuntu's Software Center,
the tips suggested I see the tutorial;
and, trying that out, it was truly amazing .
. someone in 2007 said you had to install Enblend too,
but that seems to be already in place now .]

Basotang 2007:
I also was using Photo Stitch; I installed Hugin and enblend.
Really worth spending a few minutes
learning how to use Hugin!
The results are excellents, better than in Photo Stitch.
After a few times, it is not much more difficult to use either!
Just has to place a few control points...
The thing which is important is to install enblend
(otherwise the soft blending option
is available in the stitch tab
but it does not do anything in fact!)
Hugin is in the ubuntu repository
[.. later in the repository, a commenter there
suggested we look at
fotoxx for easier panoramas ]
(see tutorial).

gmendoza 2007
I just tried Hugin for the first time
and literally created a panorama in minutes.
The assistant made it very easy,
and the results using all default settings were amazing.
jcornuz: "( I have three blog entries on panoramas: )
# shooting
# stitching with Hugin
# examples .
slimdog360 2007:
. [Pandora (a gimp plug-in) makes panoramas.]
... there are much better utilities than pandora,
though it is still a great plugin for certain things.
. check out the links in each of these pages
for heaps more programs, tutorials etc .
. if you use hugin
you should also use enblend.
Panorama Tools
combines images that overlap partially
into a single large image with no seams.
combines images that overlap completely
into a single image with good exposure and good focus
Both programs assume that your images
are already lined up.
To make panoramas with Enblend or Enfuse,
use Hugin.
Panorama Tools
The pano12/13 library
    This is the backend library used by many applications.
    Also included are:
        PTOptimizer, a utility for optimising control points.
        panoinfo a utility for querying the library version.
        PTmender a replacement for PTStitcher.
        PTblender implements just the
colour and brightness correction of PTmender.
        PTtiff2psd Converts a set of TIFF files
into a PSD file.
        PTuncrop Converts 'cropped TIFF' files
into 'normal' TIFF files.

    Hugin is a GUI for Panorama Tools.
    Supported platforms are Linux, Windows and OS X.
    The original Panorama Tools contains
a number of tools that use the pano12 library,
    notably ptpicker, pteditor, PTOptimizer and PTStitcher.
    Panorama Tools is available for
    Windows, Mac classic and Linux platforms.
    PTGui for Windows
    PTAssembler for Windows
    PTMac for Mac OS X and OS 8.6 to 9.x
    ControlPoints for Windows
    allows you to select control points.
    PanoPoints for Linux
    is a graphical front-end control point picker .
    is a freeware frontend for autopano and panorama-tools.
meetthegimp.org also has a video tutorial on the subject

non-openware runs in Wine emulator:
If you want total control, use PTAssembler
(a gui for Panotools i believe) .
[5.6: web:
. this is for Windows, and not openware .

September 22nd, 2009, 03:36 PM:
. for me the best and the easiest software to use
is the [shareware] AutoStitch.
One file windows app which smoothly runs on Wine.