americanselect.org is doomed without IRV

6.10: summary:
. americanselect.org is trying to support 3rd parties,
but there was so little interest in the available
3rd-party presidential candidates
that they decided not to enter one on the ballot .
. americanselect.org's mission was doomed anyway
unless they could mandate the use of
IRV (instant runoff voting)
because otherwise, their 3rd-party candidate
will simply be viewed as a spoiler .
. there is another way to help 3rd parties,
but it is very expensive, and unreliable:
make sure that everybody has access to the internet,
and can easily participate in mock elections
where they can gain confidence in a 3rd party .
. the mock election would feature IRV,
and we could see from that election
whether any 3rd party has the popularity needed to win .
. but a mock IRV still suffers trust issues:
how do I know that those who
claimed to be a 3rd-party supporter
will actually follow through during the actual vote?
voters of a 3rd party in the mock election
may be sincere,
but if they can't trust that voters will
behave the same as in the mock election
then they may fear voting 3rd party in the real election
and this inconfidence may cause the spoiler effect .
. another scenerio is
strategic lying during the mock vote;
in order to encourage the spoiler effect .

5.18:  aq.gov/americanselect.org/
A Statement from Americans Elect:

Americans Elect news@mailer.americanselect.org
date:     Fri, May 18, 2012 at 1:38 PM

There is a desire among Delegates and millions of Americans
who have supported Americans Elect
to see a credible candidate emerge from this process.
However, the rules, as developed in consultation with
the Americans Elect Delegates, are clear.
As of this week, no candidate achieved
the national support threshold required to
enter the Americans Elect Online Convention in June.
The primary process for the Americans Elect nomination
has come to an end.
Americans Elect, from the outset,
has been a rules-based process,
with the rules publicly available
and open to debate by the Delegates.
Our key priorities have been to:
1) honor the trust Americans Elect has built
with the Delegates and American public;
2) require candidates to earn the nomination by
building support among the
Americans Elect Delegate community
and American voters; and
3) create a basis for a solid future for the
Americans Elect movement.
This decision honors these priorities.
Through the efforts of thousands of
staffers, volunteers, and leadership,
Americans Elect has achieved its operational goals,
    Creating a pathway for nationwide ballot access
for a balanced presidential ticket
unaffiliated with the nominating process
of either major party to compete in the 2012 race;
    Building the technological platform for the first
nonpartisan secure national online primary
at AmericansElect.org;
    Attracting a significant base
of more than 4 million supporters,
including Delegates, petition signers and volunteers;
    Educating the national and local media
on the Americans Elect mission; and
    Finishing an extensive candidate briefing program
involving more than 100 potential candidates.
As always, we thank everyone who has
helped build this organization
and are grateful for the work, efforts, and trust
so many people have placed in Americans Elect.
We are continuing the Americans Elect mission
of creating more choice in our political system,
giving candidates unaffiliated with
the nominating process of either major party
an authentic way to run for office
and giving the American people
a greater voice in our political process.