google-plus's "(just the right people)

5.28: pos.cyb/net.g'+/blocked/
stay popular to prevent thread erosion:

. if you get blocked from anyone,
you can't see them on
any threads they participate in,
so then this has the effect of
blocking your view of other posts,
because they expect you can see
who they're responding to:
. so keep remembering,
g'+ is not the place for free speech;
it's the place to listen, and learn!
. you'll need to walk softly,
and carry your big stick elsewhere,
or on a dual g'+ account (haven't tried that yet). 

5.26: mis.cyb/net.g'+/being blocked 
hides posts in threads you can still see:
. while googling for g'plus news,
searching for myself on plus.topsy.com,
I found some comments directed at me
that g'plus didn't inform me of? :
William Mrozinski 04/07/2012
(+Philip Torrance,
why do you think you have the right to
modify people's behavior with tax policy?
The basic economic reality is that
if we used alternative fuel for everything
then prices would rise and there would be mass inflation
and economic activity would slow,
people would be out of work, etc, etc.
People don't have the economic… ”,

in a comment on Robert Llewellyn's post
Mildly inspired from some of the comments on my last post,
here's another one which sheds a little light on the
possible snarkiness things like solar panels
(which produce a lot of electricity) and...)

. why can I see a thread, but I can't see
any of William Mrozinski's comments on it?
. if I visit the thread anonymously
I can see the entire post,
including his threads;
so he must have blocked me,
but since this isn't his thread,
I get to see posts of
just those who haven't blocked me .
. he blocked me specifically so I wouldn't
get the message and reply to him!
. here at plus topsy.com
I can see some of the other threads
in which I can view his posts
-- but only anonymously .