a free-market obamacare

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response to Hans Verboon:
Hans Verboon
Why not, have the government control this too.
Most of our politicians are overweight anyway.
I say leave the market to be free,
including health insurance.
May 9 at 5:11am via mobile
@Hans Verboon May 9  "(I say
leave the market to be free, including health insurance.)

. but the market can't be free
when average americans agree that we should
be given medical care and asked questions later;
it's creating this cycle of people using emergency rooms,
hospitals raise costs for insurance co's,
insurance is too expensive,
forcing people to rely on emergency rooms ...
hence, obamacare's mandatory insur'premiums .
. what would be fair for the free market
is to let us decide what services we'll accept,
and then we must pay insurance for only those services .
. eg, I don't want to be treated for cancer,
heart disease, diabetes, or mental illness;
but I do want surgery for accident recovery,
so my premium should be about $10/month .
(I could pay that much with plasma money!)