social sites promoting activism

5.12: sci.cyb/net.care2.com/social promoting change:
. that first health article I found there
was their most impressive;
the others are triviage, like warning you that
fox news doesn't know what it's talking about
when they say you can live off rice & beans
(the point was that the cost of living isn't cheap
even if you replace meat with beans).
. some entries reminded me of twitter
without links: a one-liner to say an oil guy
is going to spend a year off the grid in alaska .
. lots of activism: not just stories, but also
suggestion of ways you can make a difference .
. seemed to spend a lot on gay rights
but maybe it's just a very big time for that issue
(today's buzz is about gay marriage,
which wouldn't even be an issue if our laws
didn't discriminate against singles .
. nobody but family can visit in some hospitals?
family can contest an inheritance
to a non-married partner ? )

5.19: news.cyb/net.innovocracy.org/
Democratization of the Innovation Funding Model:

Innovocracy =
the Democratization of the Innovation Funding Model
Do you dream of changing the world?
Innovocracy.org is the place where
real innovators are working on
important life changing projects.
It’s a way for you to get involved in backing them .