anti-solar sees environmentalists depopulating

4.7: co.pol/energy/the dirt on solar doesn't include wind:
Robert Llewellyn 4:37 PM today:
[!] (a cartoon about solar failing because big energy co's
don't own anything that could let it corner the market )
Nathan Buth:
-  Solar energy being clean is a lie at the moment.
To make solar cells more toxic chemicals are released than even coal.
Plus the size of the area and the amount of cells
to even be equivalent to other energy sources is ridiculous.
Nuclear is the cleanest and most efficient way at the moment.
By the way the comic should say for the solar part
we own the silicon... XD
@Nathan Buth, so who needs solar cells:
wind power alone could supply all our needs;
got some dirt on wind mills?
Mike Rees:
-  It's worth noting that wind turbines are currently 60% subsidised,
and have 75% fossil fuel backup generation.
They're not clean and they're not cost effective.
@Mike Rees
. it may be true that wind turbines are currently
60% subsidised, and have 75% fossil fuel backup generation;
but that's not wind's problem:
instead of subsidising green energy
we could sin-tax fossil fuels
to make them pay for all the cancer they cause;
and then we could use ethanol or other biofuels
for a less toxic backup generation .
. therefore, clean and price-competitive .
Sheila Nagig 8:18 PM
  I think micro-hydro is being overlooked. Wind and sun are great,
but water actually makes a lot of sense in terms of facilitating
a relatively easy transition to sustainable energy.
We already have hundreds if not thousands of defunct water mills
rotting away out there. Rig them to generate power
and decentralize the grid a little bit
by having river communities power themselves.
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. later, I would realize
we weren't thinking of the same thing at all, really;
I had in mind some coastal tidal turbine plans
which could stay of of sight, unlike windmills;
and they would be so powerful and remote
they don't really help without being part of a grid .

. the hate directed at solar is really about
seeing environmentalists are trying to
control population by
making it more expensive to live .]