convert recumbent trike to electric

4.16: gear/trike`helmet/
head-mounted electric traffic signaling:

. having a light mounted on top of
recumbent triker's helmet
can offer the same lights a motorcycle has;
it plugs into a socket on the body
that lets you give signals by button,
without needing a hole in body of velomobile
for arm to give signals .

4.21: news.gear/trike/MagicPie Kit:
Easily Convert Trike into Electric:
The kit includes motorized wheel,motor controller,
speed throttle, power break lever, wire harness
Travel ranges: 38 km/36V12AH battery pack
Speed: 0-45kpm
Suitable bike frame: 100mm front fork,or
135mm rear fork spacing

Double wall rim special for e-bike
Motor Specifications:
36Vdc/500W/320rpm or 48V/1000W/430rpm
LiFePO4 Battery Packs for e-Bikes
-- 24V16AH/36V12AH/48V10AH