best diet for heart recovery

4.12: co.health/ask.lef.org/best diet for heart health:
What is the best diet for a 
recovering heart attack patient?
(legume, paleo, zone, heart,)
Transpower (3/5/2012)/Try the Paleolithic Diet:
lean meat (skinless turkey and chicken, low-fat beef),
fish, vegetables, fruits, and nuts.
High protein, low carb, low fat.[/quote]
. concerning the Paleo diet,
beware lumping together legumes with grains;
Paleo experts love to point out how toxic soy is,
but black turtle beans are not nearly as toxic,
and they have equally high quality protein .
. beans are a great way to control the rate of
both glucose and protein;
and, according to Dr.Darmadi-Blackberry,
(Asia Pac J Clin Nutr. 2004;13(2):217-20)
Legumes are the most important dietary predictor
of survival in older people of various ethnicities.
. I get half my protein from red or black beans,
and half from LE whey and few eggs;
mixed with olive oil, and rosemary .
. along with plenty of greens, cruciferous veg,
tomato sauce, boiled yam,
selenium, magnesium, seaweed, and LE fish oil,
I consider that diet consistent with a Zone diet
-- a less-toxic version of the Soy Zone .
. listen to paleo's discuss beans:
. here's the science of bean prep:
. I'm not too fussy about bean prep myself;
I bring the beans to a boil, and then let sit overnight;
toss the water and vitamix-puree
with oil and rosemary herb;
pressure cook for 30min at 210F
(see my cooking gear).
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