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. the CrossFit Training Guide:
an open source online community
using competition to encourage greater gains .

I was surprised to hear that Olympic Weightlifting
had the unique ability to develop
an athletes’ explosive power,
but I could definitely agree with the other parts:
control of external objects,
and mastery of critical motor recruitment patterns;
as for increasing maximum oxygen uptake,
I had no idea that Olympic lifts
are the only lifts shown to do that .
"Olympic Bench Pro with Spotter"

. more specifically, they tell me,
isolation movements like nautilus
invoke essentially no neuroendocrine response.
Heavy loads with the deadlift, clean, squat, and jerk,
short rest between sets,
high heart rates, high intensity training,
and short rest intervals,
are all associated with a high neuroendocrine response .
. I can't be too far off though,
because they said to strive for variance,
and a dead clock is right twice a day!

. I heard the key to explosive power is slow, low-reps,
with very high weights -- enough so that
you can't do more than 7 or 12 slow reps .
. I thought the compelling strategy behind isolation though
esp'ly in combination with negative resistance training
(contract with help, relax with full load)
was that you could make a muscle do more
than what you would normally feel comfortable with .

. they were saying that excellence takes
less than an 6 hours per week;
indeed, the strength part takes
less than 2 hours per week:
the nautilus routine claimed
the best is 30min every other day .
. of course that hardly begins to cover
all ten physical skills for optimal physical competence:
nautilus provides only
cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina,
flexibility, strength, power, and speed;
it is missing
coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy .

. squatting is one of my favorite exercises at home,
but I don't use weights with it;
I love to do deep jumps,
where I come out of the squat quickly
and then leap off the floor .

. are you following their diet?
what they describe is exactly a Zone diet .
(they recommend reading Enter the Zone
I also have audio of the sequel book:
Mastering the Zone )
. my diet uses about half their protein,
but I'm very sedentary right now;
half is from beans, the other half is
whey protein isolate, rice protein isolate,
and 2eggs per day with vitamixed greens .

. I've always been very impressed with Gymnastics;
it was my favorite part of the olympics .
. I was euphoric watching Jackie Chan,
how much his stunts involved clever gymnastics .
. there's a lot of good examples at youtube also:
# gymnastic martial arts
# 2 gymnasts using each other as equipment .