obama's silverspoon speech

4.19: pol/purges/reaganomics/obama's silverspoon speech:
co.g'+#Dan Gillmor/3:48 PM  -  Public
Amazingly, the White House is denying that
Obama's "silver spoon" crack
had anything to do with Romney.
I think that wins the
"political lie of the day" award.
a comment against romney?
but even without romney in the picture,
if he meant what he claimed to mean
he'd still have a very appropriate
and hard-hitting point:
are we going to give other people's kids
a hand up or not?
if republicans are serving only the elite
no way are they going for free job training. .
. unfortunately for obama,
both parties are sending jobs overseas
so why are democrats worried about aid for job training?
. now what would make sense for obama to say is
"(my constituents are the 99% not the elite,
so I want to make the elite pay welfare
on the condition you guys will stop breeding .
. then we're right-sized for the new economy! )
4.20: co.g'+#David Jones/6:53 AM
This campaign is going to be a slugfest
between the "have's" and "have nots".
4.20: co.g'+#Joshua Megnauth:6:03 PM
+Nick Uva
Judging from Activision's business practises,
I'd say that you're probably correct.
Perhaps the election should
pit the parties against each other in a video game
since the actual politics
take a backseat to everything else.