sealed bearings not easy to remove

4.1: news.gear/trike/sealed bearings not easy to remove:
. bearings actually quite easy to install if you do it yourself.
Just make sure you use a socket that just fits inside the hub
to seat the new bearing.
Pushing on any part of the bearing but the outside race
will distort the bearing and cause it to have
a very short lifespan.
Look carefully for the bearing # on the race.
Likely it is a 6001RS 12x28x8. 10 about $15.
Email ICE and they'll send you a video
on how to replace them.
I used the old bearings once removed
and the axle bolts to
force the new bearings to seat in the hubs.
Alternatively is to have them changed at a dealer.
I chose to change the 4 bearings for the front wheels
with ceramic hybrid bearings
of the 6001 series. [$35, $15 /each]
ICE ceramic bearings cost about $15 each.
Driving the old bearings out is pretty simple
from the "outside" of the hub.
. used the Ice method for driving out the old bearings;
After half an hour of trying and making no progress
I took the wheel to my LBS;
They said how hard it was get the bearings out
- they had to make a tool specially to get behind the casing.