the choking game

4.16: psy/the choking game:
. the news recently said that kids are dying from
losing at playing the choking game;
. as kids, we had a game of hyperventilating
and then holding our breath
while getting another to squeeze us until we felt limp;
that would cause intense dreams on demand .
. later in life I discovered by myself,
something like the choking game, but safer:
with just 2 fingers, you can, by tilting your head back,
find all the arteries in your neck
and completely cut off your brain's oxygen .
. when you do that, getting near passing out
is extremely relaxing .
. it even works while standing or walking
always without falling down, let alone dying!
. I would do that often when obsessed with negativity,
and I wondered if head-banging behaviour
might also be for avoiding negative thoughts;
but I think in their case it was that
the same conditions that cause mental slowness
also create insulin resistance and restlessness
that can be relieved by direct brain stimulation .