high-fat diet, dioxins, and cancer

1.29: health/cancer/dioxin:
. after hearing about our unending dioxin blunders
from a gm food discussion ...
. how much is a dioxin a continuing problem?
dioxin in jungles soon farmed on;
is that collecting in veg? esp'ly fatty or root veg?
. some remassaged data indicated little risk of dioxin
from eating root veg grown in high-dioxin soils;
but, apparently this is not the case for fatty plants .
Dioxin in the Agricultural Food Chain
. dioxin is continually ommitted by trash incinerators,
and {dairy, beef} cows concentrate these sources .

todo.web/health/sure-pure eggs:
. recent b'day money could be useful for getting
chickens that could supply sure-pure eggs .
. eggs typically have 10 times more dioxin
than veg'oil does (still 10times less than
fish highest on the food chain) .