pc tripping

1.3: web.addn/xpw.seamonkey.g'gears:

mis.addn/usb.card`reader/going blinky:

1.1: mis.addn/mac/bak:
. the connection to card was shakey,
so it[mac fs] put me in read-only mode:
I removed card reader from ext
to directly in a usb socket of hub:
ok, ... sort of ...

1.3: mis.addn/xpw.komodo/internal error:
. it said the enclosed report was an internal error,
but it was due to loose connection in the card it was saving to .
. right after I opened the file,
the os gave the sound like a removable had been taken off-line .
. then I tried saving and it said the file had changed;
I said ignore changes (I knew there were none)
and that's when it noticed there were "(internal errors) .
Exception: 2147500037
Komodo Edit, version 5.2.3, build 4312.
Built on Wed Nov 18 19:49:30 2009.
1.10: mis.addn/usb:
. one of the hub's devices started mis.comm'ing .

1.4: mis.addn/xp/filename error:
. oh yes, now I recall why it was stupid
to let xp do massive file copies:
xp will quit on a too-long or illegal file name,
and will neither give a list of all the offenders,
nor will it continue the job .
. you need to then delete the infidel copy
and consider some other way to get your files in order .
. sometimes the files are too deep
because they started out fine but then you
unzipped them into the std shared folder,
which has the craziest long pathname
as if the microsoft-herded designers were
fighting among themselves for
domination between the efficiency of pathname limits
and cool factor of user-friendly names like:
[this is where your documents and other personal data go
on too much free cola]

news.addn/antivirus reviews:
. kasparsky, and eset are the best paywares
avast free,
ms' security essentials free

Process Explorer shows you information about
which handles and DLLs processes
have opened or loaded.
. The unique capabilities of Process Explorer
make it useful for tracking down
DLL-version problems or handle leaks;
and, provides insight into the workings of
Windows and applications .

The top window always shows a list of
the currently active processes .
. the bottom window depends on the mode:
handle mode:
you'll see the handles that the process selected
in the top window has opened;
DLL mode:
you'll see the DLLs and memory-mapped files
that the process has loaded.

1.19: web.addn/xpw.avg/replacement with opensource anti-virus:
. clamav is the only opensource one?
I thought there was something open about avg,
anyway avg is just nutty slow .
. clamwin claims to be open
but all I could find was that it does use an open engine:
. it's just a scanner .

web.addn/xpw.security/rootkit prevention:

. a security and data integrity tool
useful for monitoring and alerting on specific file change(s)
on a range of systems. The project is based on
code originally contributed by Tripwire, Inc. in 2000.

pdf reading

1.10: mis.addn/xpw.adobe`acrobat/a frigin' mess:
. problems with pdf?
find a reader for xp that is not made by adobe .
. kill process tree of acro* [acrobat reader],
only then do I get the cpu back,
that thing has its teeth in everything .
. it slowed down the main menu response to minutes! .

1.10: addn/net/google`chrome vs adobe`pdf:
. why would google's chrome not be playing well
with adobe's acrobat?
perhaps chrome`folks wanted to show us
how adobe's acrobat just wasn't playing well?
. consider how google's model could be upsetting adobe:
pdf's are supposed to be the portability standard,
and chrome's purpose is to facilitate cloud computing,
in which the model is being always on-line
with access always by browser
-- and html 5, or javascript --
really obviating the need for pdf's
which were originally designed for a
printer-centric world .

1.10: mis.addn/xpw.chrome/pdf plugin change:

. does chrome have a way to remove pdf plugin?
can't find it in menu's;

Delete or rename the DLL file:
"c:\program files\adobe\reader 9.0\reader\browser\nppdf32.dll"
Also search for copies of nppdf32.dll in Firefox/other browsers folders.

To find which nppdf32.dll is actually used,

Just open any DLL file in the browser
and look through loaded DLL modules
in the Lower Pane (DLL mode).

03-12-2009 matthawke/Nishi's advice worked for me:
. using that method I discovered that
Reader 8.0 was supplying its DLL to Chrome.
Renamed the DLL (to disable it) and restarted Chrome,
voila! Now using the Foxit Firefox plugin in Chrome.

1.28: proj.addn/xpw.foxit/a working pdf viewer:
. the auto-opener wouldn't recognize [sumatra pdf]
as my default pdf reader?
download and install the freeware foxit:
try the custom install:
it argues about being a plugin for
a firefox app that doesn't exist;
after that it asks to be a plugin to unspecified? ok (whatever);
and be my default pdf reader .
[later I found that g'chrome would use my new default pdf reader
by calling it to open in its own window .]

1.28: proj.addn/xpw.chrome/getting along with pdf's:
g'chrome is using the new pdf viewer with no problems
. when adobe's plugins were installed,
it would use the plugin as part of its page,
but then malfunction when that page was subsequently closed .
. g'chrome now responds to a pdf`open
by calling the default pdf reader to open in its own window .

1.30: mis.addn/xpw.pdf/killed flash too:
. when I was killing all things adobe
in order to make sure chrome had no adobe pdf code;
I also wiped out adobe's flash
-- the only way to watch youtube apparently .

1.10: web.addn/xpw/computer guru blog tucson:
. during his last radio program,
the tucson guru said he'd have links to an answer;

problems that could be solved using svn

1.9: mis.addn/bak confused with orig:
. bak'd bak? recover .
. checking the editor,
my recent files were from the original,
so changes were going into the right files;
but on selecting the files to bak,
I'd chosen one set from the bak,
and put them into another set on the bak .
. I had renamed the bak to include the word "(bak)
but within that,
there was another copy with no name change .

1.15: mis.addn/xpw.agent ransack/doesn't see eol's:
. my mac files don't have cr's in them .

1.19: pos.addn/backup/a safer system:
. since the accident
[@] mis.addn/data loss/worst of all backup worlds
it's apparent that I'm completely brain dead,
so I need a habit that can't possibly be confusing .
. open a zipfolder in the backup drive,
then when wanting to backup,
go to your usual directory and drag what needs to be bak'd
into the taskbar's icon for the zipfolder .
. it will come to the front
and then you can drop it in .
. another tool specifically for my problem
is the ms`briefcase, which lets you sync both directions .
. I had some confusion with that,
but I can't recall what it was .
. the idea seems pretty straight,
it could have been impl' bugs .
. the tests seem ok, and it has an easy habit:
after copying a folder to the briefcase,
it detects both additions and deletions to that folder,
so, then hitting the update button will do an
efficient incremental backup
without any crazy-manual copy and replaces .
. perhaps one place I got in trouble before
was working on a briefcase version that needed update,
then, since briefcase is not smart like subversion,
I was having a mess with merging changes .
. recall winmerge being a godsend numerous times
in my distant pc past .

1.22: mis.addn/xpw.briefcase/frigin' orphanage:
. it's not seeing that I need updates
because it thinks everything it does have
is an orphan ?
I need to recopy everything again .
. it could be due to not shutting down properly?
[@] mis.addn/xpw/found frozen on shutting down

1.23: mis.addn/xpw.briefcase/mov's turn to delete-create's:
. I was alarmed by a bunch of delete's;
that is part of the way that
briefcase handles mov's .

1.22: mis.addn/xpw/found frozen on shutting down:
. xpw needs hard reset for hung restart
for major auto.update .

1.28: sci.addn/xpw.sigil:
. it's a lot like seamonkey composer
only nicer integration of html-text views;
but is a bit confused in text view:
when on a header, eg H1-tagged text,
the controls indicate that the text is
normal (vs H1) with bold formatting .

1.28: proj.addn/xpw/unregistered app's:
. //c.drive/prog'files/000
is my place for programs that didn't
install in the usual way
(when you open them,
they just start doing their app')
. added links from there to shared folders;
. that way they are protected from being
writable from the user acct,
but are still runnable any acct .
. contents include process explorer and sumatra pdf .

1.30: mis.addn/xpw.chrome/not so modular:
. I thought chrome was touting modularity!
. some window was disfunctional
so I hit its close.box,
but then it froze, and gave me the dialog:
"(app is unresponsive, wait or kill?)
then kill took down every chrome window
not just the window*process I was attempting to close .