1.1: proj.addn/log/rev and blog:
. look at site, fix page giving details of schiz case,
wonder about how to start blogging backward
the material written before blog started .

. start acting more bloggable .

proj.addn/log/rev 2009 gear subj:
. my prev'policy on logging project folders
-- like that for trike --
had been to copy proj folders from month to month
since I wanted the chance to quickly refer to
prior work of the same topic;
and also, use the prev'month's folder structure
as a template for filing the curr'month's notes .
. now I should go back and remove dup'y stuff .
. I also found there was a lot that was
not marked as blogged,
and much that had been passed over
but that could be blogged with a little editing .
. there were even a few items
that had been overlooked somehow .
. from the month where blogging began, 0905,
and working backwards to 0910,
found gear folders and files .
. one very relevant topic -- sewing mach' repair --
needed it's own blog file,
and since it's now the wrong year,
I included the year into the file's title .

1.11: proj.addn/log/review 2009:
. 0904 mobi notes are blogged?
find where I left off with rev subj,
log 0905 was rev'd .
log 0904 was rev'd .
log 0903 .

1.14: pos.addn/blog/priority should be dev.mac:
. since actually getting the project on the ground
was embodied by the study of the impl'lang,
the impl'lang (dev.mac/obj'c)
should be the first to get blogged .
. the only file left in [addx 0905].folder
is adda .

1.24: proj.addn/blog/addx 0905 and earlier 2009:
. the only file left in [addx 0905].folder
is adda .
. review blog for places to put older files .
. review adda .
. found and fixed more problems with text eaten by
blog turning angle brackets into xml tags .

1.1: mis.addn/todo:
. the usual 99 todo/todo.txt is just for banking?
no, there was at first a 99 todo.txt
which was then combined into the [99 todo].folder;
so I should be combining those .

1.3: proj.addn/rdy xpw db:
. rev log's text parts on mac
for what to bring to xpw .

1.4: pos.addn/fs:
. getting around (mis.addn/xp/filename error)
the main goal of moving log files
is to share the mac files with xpw .
. to keep things sync'd,
the changes made by either platform
should happen to a copy that is on the removable .
. but to get some quick searches,
I should copy the files to hard drive .
. 2008 ... 2009 are going to be modified a lot,
so they are only on the shared vol .
. I may never get around to hand-sorting the rest of log,
it may be better to just copy the files of previous era's
and morph them as new files
without worrying about keeping track of
original vs current creation dates .
. that will involve some concerns about
how to keep track of what's been reviewed,
but there is much time before that happens:
just do the usual review with the current era for now .

1.9: mis.addn/forgot recording cleanup routine:
. how did I convert olympus pc files
to something audacity will import? .

1.9: mis.addn/fs/memory needs hard pos review:
. where is everything on mac?
been at pc too long, and my mem is shot!
I put the log and all it's picts
in the aspect encrypt?
what was I thinking picasa would do?
[... a false assumption about picasa limits]
it's not reaching in the crypt,
so I had moved them back,
but then I was finding it was
annoying not having the log together .
. I could picasa-import picts as they were produced .

1.10: mis.addn/fs/forgotten pos helps revise pos:
. org downloads on xpw,
mov [to be installed]s to where
admn acct can reach them:
. the shared.folder has some surprises for my failing mem!
. I had been putting all dowloads and docs
into the docs.folder of cf.card;
but shared.folder also has docs;
I try to corralling them into a subfolder,
but the [ada 2009 downloads].folder
is having permissions problems .
. it is letting me copy instead of mov,
so I can still do my next idea
of making sure that everything is in both places:
. the cf.card is there in case of
anything stupid needs to reinstall xp-fujitsu os .
. the shared.folder is searchable more quickly than card .

1.10: proc.addn/log/type-in of notes routine:
. the log has previously distinguished logging from
type-in of notes to log,
but writing notes is now so routine,
all logging should be considered type-in's
without having to say that explicitely .

1.15: mis.addn/log:

find missing ergo.kybd entry:
. not anywhere? write a summarizing entry now .
[@] proj.addn/usb.ergo`kybd/delete.key fixed

data loss:
. almost lost an article spacing out a paste to subj.file
after a complicated double entry:
writing about having to do an article reporting
not finding an expected article .
. my mem' had one paste lined up
and recalled already doing one
when 2 were needed .

book notes unreadable:
. typedef can define a function
so that its id can be used in defining
ptrs to id .

cut&paste confusion:
. somehow I lost an article moving it from log to subj.file .
. did I just paste it into the wrong file? search .
. I just have a really bad mem:
I had placed it into the correct subj',
but then forgot which subj' I'd decided on .
. most obama`mail is co.pol,
but this plea to help for haiti
would be placed in gov (charity and consumer interests) .

1.24: mis.addn/lost data/paste buffer forgotten:
. I'm pretty sure that I had some content for
health/cancer/mold still #1 when on a low-fat diet,
but unless that was a false memory
(as in the title was the content meant to be expanded)
I fear that I fell prey to forgetting to unload my paste buffer .
. there should be this system where
if the cut doesn't get pasted
then it shows back up in the place it was cut from
just like the windows system does for files .