review Kochan`Programming Objective C 2.0

(review of Programming in Objective-C 2.0 (2nd Edition))
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. I had already taken a course on C and read 4 books on it recently,
so I didn't spend much time on how Kochan presented C,
but I was able to follow what he said about obj'c
(I'd spent a bit of time with Apple's doc's previously too
and I've already spent years studying generic obj'oriented design;
but I really appreciated having it all be part of a mac`Cocoa lesson
which is my primary platform of interest ) .
. it was very helpful to spend long hours in a gentle book in the mornings
rather than staring at the fluorescent bulb of the LCD screen .
. if you register to accept the 45-day free online book,
(see inside back page) at
then look at your free online book
and under the tab [extras]
you'll find the link [examples]
which leads to forums that help the book with discussions and errata .
. for a bird's-eye view, google site:classroomm.com .