accountability tax

8.14: co.apt/pol/health care/accountability tax:
. instead of rationing, we should collect more taxes
on exactly the foods that cause the most damage .
. tag every food and drug with an insulin resistance index
and a glycemic index .
. some of the venom behind rationing is racial;
because the people who don't get medicare are the chronically unemployed,
who are mostly the racial minorities .
. one problem with this is that
people could understandably be livid
supposing this glycemic index is the next cholesterol scare:
what if it was all just the industrial (mental) disease?
. there should be manditory health insurance,
but there should be plans for those who
believe that glycemic index makes a difference,
and who will not ask for glycemic-related care .
. let our money talk the American way .

8.25: co.apt/pol/health care/preventive outreach:
. cancer prevention needs to start with kids diet
which can only be changed by controlling what's available to them:
right now that diet is controlled strictly by the stock market
and the social psychosis:
eg, green light go!
(everyone's oblivious to the dangers of trusting green lights) .
. another reason you could never expect people to diet rationally,
is that there has been so much news about
diet being only a small factor in the
total environmental causes of cancer .

9.9: co.apt/health/look experts telling you, can't wait for obama care:
. is there a correlation between the introduction
of high fructose corn syrup and the rise of obesity
in the past 30 years?
Many factors contribute to the development of obesity,
yet nutritionists, health experts and researchers generally agree
that the chief cause is an imbalance
between calories consumed and calories burned.
. have they ever heard of thyroid resistance,
or jetfueling sugar maybe causing it?
. I hardly eat anything and I'm too tired to exercise?
that's your thyroid ignored in that equation .
The American Dietetic Association notes,
Excess body fat [obesity] arises from the energy imbalance caused by
taking in too much energy and expending too little energy. ...
. look at these expert panels,
I can hardly wait for obama care .

10.15: co.apt/pol/sin tax on fattening foods:
. after hearing that neither side of the debate
feels that a sin tax is warranted,
I'm ranting:
. keep gov out it? what about
it's already ok to tax for charity health care?!
[it's esp'ly the poor who get the most fattening foods
because those are the cheapest
(flour, corn syrup, hydrogenated soy fat) .]

11.17: news.pol/healthcare/metabolic syndrome:
Risk factors for metabolic syndrome, such as
obesity, high blood pressure, and elevated blood lipid levels,
can increase a person's healthcare costs nearly 1.6-fold,
or about $2,000 per year.
For each additional risk factor those costs rise an average of 24%,
according to an illuminating article in a recent issue of
Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders .