lessons from usa-brit independence revolution

11.10: pol/lessons from usa-brit independence revolution:
. I noticed how anti-communism is rooted in
the independence revolution .
. if your subjects could run away,
would they?
during the dawn of America,
britain should have pushed only for
what it really needed:
. the important thing in the european wars
over control of the new world
was that one superpower should not be able to
use america's vast wealth as a weapon against
another superpower .
. they could have achieved that
not by enslaving the colonists
but instead by insuring that no other euro'power
could enslave them either .
. the war on communism could be seen as having this stance:
. dictatorship is slavery,
and communism is the most alien dictatorship,
if we can root out the slavery of dictatorship,
forces of democracy will at least choose to
sacrifice themselves in a fight against
anything that is alien to our own democratic values . ]