usa's chocolate-boxed high-tech education

2.8: pol/edu/gump's chocolate-boxed:
. even while college grad's cry about unemployment,
the high tech industry (this time biotech)
is again complaining they have shortages
of "(qualified) applicants .
doesn't it seem like a waste to have
everyone piling on spendy college attempts
Stress Wienerjust so these wieners can take the cream
and send the rest home to be dishwashers?

. much of what industry needs
just takes persistent parenting
(ie, with village backup)
rather than specialized schooling .
. if the kids started earlier,
they would have eno' of a background
that industry could easily train them .

. the way to rapidly evolve tech workers
is to support free high-level edu:
# do more with kids earlier:
much of the problem is just motivating kids .
. make motivation cheap:
use any welfare cases as teacher assistants .
. require people imprisoned for drug offenses
(the ones that can read)
to be manning online help centers for tutoring kids .
# free internet:
. put all the college textbooks online
in a place that grabs the attention of kids; [2.23:
this is already happening in wiki's;
now all we have to do is
replace most of the expensive teacher-time
with a free internet edu-portal workstation for every child .]
# volunteering:
. find other ways to allow people to
show how hard they can study
without paying for colleges .
. one can show off papers offered;
wiki contributions, blogs, etc .

[2.23: title: derived from [forrest gump].movie`qoute
"Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates.
You never know what you're gonna get."