bible less a guide than a prediction

9.27: relig/bible/less a guide than a prediction:
. why can't people see the bible's
Noah's ark story? (prepare!)
the bible explains that
with the tower of Babel story:
lacking a universal language is the same as
not being able to communicate with others,
for example, there is no way to say
in any regional language:
"(if I don't try to out-breed you,
you should not feel the need to out breed me;
in our trust of this governance,
we can all grow wealthy ... and prepare .).
. they also featured the story of the Hebrew family
who were very into out-breeding their neighbors;
in fact,
the cultural expansion was made deliberate
by laws forbidding both birth control,
and the adoption of foreign gods
even when that meant limiting spouse choices:
the members' families would always grow,
and the culture would always grow with them .

. this meant that one's culture
was protected: it was not be diluted with
the partial adoption of surrounding cultures;
. culture was also protected by
an indoctrination that started very young:
the culture's membership was to be confined to
those raised by a woman of that culture
(assuming the woman is doing the infant care).

. this behavior is ideal within a Babel system:
you can't stop overpopulation anyway,
so make sure to differentiate yourself,
and may the best culture win .
. this would turn out to be bloody mess, though;
because, the best use of strong family
is pooling resources for prepping children
to insure they are competent in
the most-needed, high-paying jobs;
then you need to send your children
into foreign cultures
where these jobs are still in high demand;
but then if the host gov' doesn't support
economic stability and tolerance of foreigners,
these foreign professionals are stranded .