Pixel Qi sensible displays

9.16: news.cyb/Pixel Qi sensible displays:
. when considering mobile devices,
remember first the display energy: Pixel Qi!
. it can be set to operate under transflective mode
(thus it needs lower backlight than normal LCDs)
and reflective mode (requires only ambient light)
--for eye-comfort, power-saving,
and visibility under bright ambient light.

[10.5: caveats:
"As a reflective display it does what they claim,
but as a backlit color display it falls way short .]
The first commercial device to use the
Pixel Qi display,
ARM-based Adam tablet by Notion Ink,
was released mid-January 2011.

# First Sunlight Readable Netbook: Clover SunBook™
1024 x 600 and Windows 7 OS
# win7 starter tablets and laptops
# Android 7" ZTE "Light 2" Tablet
-- ZTE huge phone co in asia

# anyone else?
10.1" Adaptive LCD Display - Transflective & Reflective
$275.00 display component PQ 3Qi-01
These screens replace those found in the
Samsung N130 & Lenovo S10-2.
Wondering if it works with other models?
Check out the Pixel Qi forums
[10.5: Pixel Qi - compatible list sum up (QiJunky Jul 2010)
summary of all tested Notebooks / Netbooks
which work out of the box with the Pixel Qi screen:
Compatible with backlight deactivation:
- Lenovo S10-2 (5.5 hours Battery Time)
- Samsung N130 (4.5 hours Battery Time)
- Samsung N220 Plus US: N220-11B
(13 hours Battery Time)
described as working:
- HP 2132-2133-2140
(5 hours with 6 cell)
- Samsung N135
(6 hours Battery Time)
- Samsung NB30
(10 hours with 6 cell)]

# B2B and Industrial Integrators only!
USB Powered Auxiliary Pixel Qi Screen.
Plug this into any USB port
Pixel Qi "3Qi" 10.1" screen module
"3Qi" 10.1" open frame module
optional Wireless USB (WUSB) 1024x600xRGB