blogger.com feeds unreadable by some

9.13: mis.cyb/net.blogger.com/feeds unreadable by some:
. at blogger.com my feeds are now unreadable,
but only at duh's blog, not docs' .
. I have my feed being redirected to feedburner,
and, they have a feed validator page:
# feedvalidator.org (duh)
# feedvalidator.org (docs)
-- says it's a valid Atom 1.0 feed;
but has some protential problems ...
[... indeed, the feed was readable by Apple`safari
despite being unreadable by others
(firefox, feedburner, networkedblogs.com, ...).]

9.14: analyzing the validator problems:
. the validator has many more complaints about
my duh blog than with the docs blog,
so, what are the diff's?
# docs:
Self reference doesn't match document location
# duh:
Self reference doesn't match document location
content should not contain imageanchor attribute
content should not contain iframe tag
style attribute contains potentially dangerous content: !
. the main diff' is that only duh carries ad's
(hence the imageanchor and iframe tags);
but among the duh posts that are failing
(only recent posts are not showing up),
these are ones that I've been prep'ing in
the Kompozer html editor
which has the bright idea of
replacing {i,b} tags
with verbose style attributes:
so that, for example,
<i>... becomes:
<span style="font-style: italic;">... 
. feedvalidator.org's help is informing me that
the tags used by most ad's like amazon's
should not be included in the feed;
they invite me to read diveintomark.org:
"( you should strip the link tags and style tags;
because they can be used to import
additional style definitions.
also, Strip out the style attributes
from every single remaining tag.
My prank [of an image filling up the whole screen]
was based entirely on a single rogue style attribute.)
. the way blogger lets you control this
is by setting the feed to stop copying at
a jump break point
. the blogger editor has a button that will
insert a jump break point
(icon of page with a jagged break in it)
or you can do it manually with a comment tag:
<!-- more --> .
add jump break points:
. I added the jump break point
at the top of each recent duh-blog entry,
up to and including the last one that worked:
#Godboldo vs #antichrist #antipsychotic #childcare
. after making feedburner my redirect for blogger again
feedburner's duh listing is complete,
as seen by firefox!
... and my original goal is accomplished:
networkedblogs.com`syndication is responding:
apps.facebook.com/blognetworks (duh) .

sci: [jump break points].directive expanded into html:
. the comment tag with jump break directive
appears to be turned into this:
<div class="post-header"> 
<div class="post-header-line-1"> </div>
<div class="post-body entry-content">
<a name="more"></a> 
sci: Self reference doesn't match document location:
. out of curiousity, what is the problem
that the {docs, duh} blogs have in common?
(it doesn't prevent the feed from working)
details of
Self reference doesn't match document location:
"(. When rel="self",
the href attribute is expected to identify
a resource equivalent to the containing element.
Check the document referenced by the href attribute.
If it is not the intended feed, correct it.
This may not be a problem. At the current time,
the feedvalidator does not probe to assess equivalence of documents.)
here is what blogger.com is typically generating:
(for a working blog feed):
< link rel='self' type='application/atom+xml'
< link rel='alternate' type='text/html'
< link rel='hub' href='http://pubsubhubbub.appspot.com/'/>
< link rel='next' type='application/atom+xml'
contributing to blogger's help page:
blogger.com`help/Feeds/Content is missing:
    Try entering your feed URL into FeedValidator.org
to see if there are any problems with it.
If so, check this article for tips ...
 [bad link]: http://help.blogger.com/bin/-
9.15: would this url work?: google.com/support/blogger/ ...
no, anyway,
I added a comment to that help page's sidewiki
explaining the above fix:
feedvalidator.org found problems? use jump break point
(it's a copy of the above section:
[9.14: analyzing the validator problems] ).
how to activate recognition of Jump Break
and leave some content out of your feeds:
. in blogger.com`settings/Site Feed/Allow Blog Feeds,
Select [Until Jump Break]
to show all post content before your jump break.
-- the other options are :
# Select Full:
. syndicate the entire contents of your post.
# Select Short:
. syndicate approximately the first 400 characters.
# None:
. your blog will not be syndicated
and its content will not be indexed by Google Blog Search.
This setting will be applied to each type of feed
(Post, comment and per-post comment feed).
. my first try at a fix was blogger.com's
Settings/Site Feed/Post Feed Redirect URL:
. it was set to this:
so I tried making it null,
but changed it back after figuring out
my content was the problem .