the Hereafter

7.4: news.relig/islam/believe the Hereafter:
Ruling on the one who denies the Hereafter,
and how to convince him
. how can we be so concrete about
interpretations of "(hereafter)?
. the solid truth I find
is that my ancestor's elders wrote of the hereafter
in order to bring awareness of the
the nature of feelings as being
created by spirits which include
both the deceptive and the omniscient .
. but most of all, the story of the hereafter
is to bring awareness of
the hereafter of feelings:
after self,
there is the same precious feeling in
every other person;
and, worrying about what effect
this world has in the next world
is a tangible model of how
handling situations for my feelings
has important consequences for
the feelings of others
-- and the feelings of self
in the living future . ]