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Russian tv remembers international bankers:
. usa is on the verge of war with Russia;
and usa is the military heart of international banking;
Russian historians remember how civil war came
shortly after the Russian tzar failed to accept
a deal from an international banker.
. when talking about Rothschild's bank
it is typically seen as anti-semitic,
since Rothschild presented himself as Jewish;
but Russia's tv and historians remind us that
regardless of what ethnicity a bank owner is,
international banking can have a profound influence
on the relations and wars between nations.
. on the other hand, if you think we need
a banker's credit line to sustain a war,
you haven't been paying attention to
why the masses are so willing to fight wars.

Yaakov Schwartz May 10, 2017:
Russian TV uses Nazi film in segment
advancing Jewish world domination theory:
Moscow’s Channel 1 employs anti-Semitic tropes
in promoting a conspiracy about the Rothschild family.
Russian tv show about
"money which rules the world";
The piece aired following the March 20 death
of billionaire David Rockefeller.

The Middle East Media Research Institute 2017:
A weekend news broadcast,
aired on Russia's Channel 1 on April 2.
partial transcript:

Germany political expert Christoph Hörstel:
"You definitely have a colossal influence
if you are the world's richest family.
The Rothschilds understand politics perfectly,
and they know for sure what is going to happen.
Two centuries ago,
Gutle Schnapper, Rothschild's wife, said:
'If my husband does not want a war,
there will be no war.'"

Narrator: "This is a typical modern caricature:
[!] pict [shows a pig named "Rothschild [star of David] bank"
feeding piglets named: British MI6, ISIS, Al-Qaeda,
usa CIA, Israel's flag, Boko Haram
-- suggesting that a Jewish-owned bank
was funding not only Jewish Israel but also
the anti-zionist terrorists that plagued Israel.]
Rothschild nourishes the CIA, MI6, and ISIS,
which is banned in many countries.
Beginning with Napoleon's war against Austria,
they have been lending money to rival parties
- both to the emperor and the Austrian army.
Of course, they charged an interest rate.
The Rothschilds also had interests in Russia."

Russian historian and novelist Yuri Vorobievsky:
"When our tzar, Nikolai II, was visiting France,
one of the Rothschilds was introduced to him.
Rothschild made a proposition to the tzar:
We will take control over your central bank,
and in exchange, we will pay off your debts.
The tzar said: 'No.' Then he took a step back
and said to his circle: 'I think
that I have just signed my own death sentence.'"

"Eventually, it culminated in the 1917 Revolution.
[in which the tzar was purged by communists.]

"Dozens of documentaries and several feature films
have been made about this family.
One of the first films was shot back in 1940,
in Germany, at the UFA film studios.
The main production center of the Third Reich movie industry,
personally headed by Reich Propaganda Minister Goebbels,
filmed a movie about a Jew - Nathan Rothschild,
and his first business in England in the early 19th century."

Movie Narrator: "'This movie,
which is based upon historical facts,
demonstrates how the international Rothschild family
paved the way for a hostile takeover
of England by the Jews.'"
Actor One: "May I say that from your perspective,
the world is a unified whole?"
Actor Two: "Yes. All you need is a clear vision.
Let me show you something: We are in London,
my brother Solomon is in Vienna,
my brother Carl in Naples, and here is England."
Actor One: "And what is this?"
Actor Two: "Jerusalem."

Narrator: "This film is obviously
propaganda, that is clear.
By that time, Germany had fiercely bombed London,
and all the Jews had been sent to ghettoes or prisons.
Louis Rothschild, arrested in Vienna,
also spent some time in prison,
but the family raised a ransom of 200,000 dollars,
and gave up its possessions in Czech metal factories.
He was set free, as opposed to
hundreds of thousands of other Jews.
The family prefers not to dwell on
that part of their history
- the tamed media depicts the Rothschilds
as hard-workers and philanthropists.
Indeed, the main motto of the clan is
what Nathan Rothschild said in 1815,
when he bought up all the British stocks
and then toppled the London stock exchange,
when he was the first to hear from his agents
of Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo.
The motto is:
Whoever controls information controls the world."