Anonymous` #wwIII 2017-2018

5.25: news.pol/purges/wwIII/
Anonymous` #wwIII 2017-2018:
summary of video:
. usa knows it is doomed to failure
(obviously because it depends on debt
and it will run out of borrowers eventually);
so it will likely start wwIII
to stay in control of the world.
. N.Korea said they would be less threatening
if usa and S.Korea would stop their military drills;
usa responded by installing a missile defense shield
that threatens China's and Russia's nuclear strategy.
. just as usa had oil interests in the middle east;
(in addition to defending Zionism)
and this was the basis for many usa wars;
usa is now concerned with rare earth metals,
essential to high tech, and thus national security.
. major new sources include Afghanistan and
-- bet you can't guess -- N.Korea.
. recently Russia has been accused of
helping the resistance in Afghanistan,
working against usa.