canned sardines have B vitamins #health

5.22: web.health/diet/canned sardines have B vitamins:
. canned sardines, despite being cooked,
still have some b'vitamins:
very good source of b12,
but only 9% of daily b6.
. sardines measured by whfoods.com
have a lot more omega-6 than omega-3;
for a 91g serving it has:
3.21g linoleic vs 1.46g omega-3
(0.43g EPA and 0.46g DHA).
. but according to self.com
those are the same numbers for
sardines packed in vegetable oil;
and of course veg oil provides a lot of omega-6.
. checking at usda.gov,
91g of sardine packed in tomato sauce
has 1.92g of polyunsat oils
(combined omega-3 and omega-6).
1.92 poly - 1.46 omega-3
= 0.46 omega-6.
. both whfoods.com and self.com claim that
sardine has no Arachidonic acid (20:4);
-- I thought all meat was plagued with that.
. of course like most meats, it has
a supply of palmitic sat'fat: 0.90g.