the symbolism of quick-cooked meat

6: psy/the symbolism of quick-cooked meat:
. quick-cooked meat is burnt on the outside,
but still raw on the inside,
and could be a vector of parasites or pathogens .
. this is similar to born-again* syndrome
where someone has been raised by whims
and then at the last moment saw the light
and quickly adopted a culture
that others trained years for
leaving reflexes that are still untamed,
so there is a problem of serving 2 masters:
the born-again wants to be nice,
but in a world of telepathy,
it's not enough to hide rude thoughts;
rather, to really have a nice meet,
we need to be enculturated much earlier
so that diplomacy is subconscious,
not pairs of infantile thoughts
being revised by parenting thoughts .
. even with good intentions,
those who are quick-cooked may find
they have a lot of rough edges
that make them difficult to be around .
. if someone serves you quick-cooked meat,
and you get worms in your brain;
you might want to ask yourself:
where has that brain really been? ;) .
* born-again:
17: 18:
. I may have abused the term "born-again";
so let me enumerate the various definitions:
#1: (sociable becomes spiritual)
. people who are raised to be sociable
will likely be good-natured even without a belief
in the existence of a god who knows what you do;
for them, being born again doesn't involve
the quick-cooked syndrome,
because they were already thoroughly cooked,
and simply changed their direction
from doing what is good for everyone,
to doing what the god likely wants .
. this often involves realizing
there is a war of cultures
between christians and liberals,
or between christians and muslims .
. many born-again's turn to the bible
as the most likely will of the god,
since that is where they can most easily find
companionship with other born-again's,
even if they are not convinced
that god really inspired those writings .
#2: (antisocial becomes spiritual)
. children who are not supervised
may become antisocial selfish opportunists .
. for them, born-again means finding out
that there is a supernatural realm
that changes everything you know:
. the naive view was that
your self has been cheating the others,
but the born-again sees cheating was
supernature controlling our emotions
to trick the humans into cheating each other .
. the supernature creates our entire world:
not just the emotions, but also the thoughts,
and while supernature allows secrecy,
it may also allow virtual telepathy or mind reading
through the use of synchronized thought insertions:
{ #1 believes self is broadcasting a thought
, #2 believes self is mind-reading an identical thought
}. along with an awareness of the supernatural
comes a search for the meaning of life
and an appreciation for the community
as being the form of self that can be eternal .
. however,
believing you are influenced by spirits
and doing something about it,
are 2 very different things; and,
this is where "quick-cooked" becomes apparent .
. selfishness can tend to be rather automatic,
and when we are with old friends or family
it's easy to fall into old styles of interaction .
. this can also happen with old stereotypes:
your former self tended to see interactions as
happening between various types of people
such as other races, religions, or body sizes .
. the quick-cooked born-again
is constantly battling with prejudices
that add friction to the new relations
because the old reflexes are type-casting them,
and supernature is sharing thoughts .