you have 2 choices to make #wwIII #globalization #nationalism #catholicism

10: pol/purges/wwIII/you have 2 choices to make:
. wwIII is obviously going to happen
as usa defends zionists in Israel,
while Russia defends Arab regimes against
being undermined by usa's cia,
which in turn means that Russia is defending "terrorism"
(anti-zionist guerrilla warfare operations
punishing usa and Israel).

. in the bigger picture, the purpose of WWIII
is to decide who will be the global leader
of the modern world:
will it be usa's brand of democracy
and attention to human rights ?
or will it be something from russia
promoting orthodox christian views
as they rally against bible-sex deviants ?
[1.8: russia calling on christian soldiers:
npr Fresh Air/Russia's Masha Gessen: (transcript),
. in Russia's preparation for the
anti-zionism war with usa-Israel,
they are calling usa the antichrist .
. The patriarch of Russia's Orthodox Church
said the international trend toward
legalizing same-sex marriage
is a sign of the coming apocalypse;
and, the LGBT movement that usa supports
is seen as the antichrist,
and are considered to be medical waste
since they are confused with the promiscuous .
. it's the classic sort of war rhetoric:
the enemy is dangerous and subhuman .]
. your next choice in this global war
is determining how strong
this global leadership should be .

. if you are from the usa
you might be thinking a federation should
give most power to the individual,
and should defend your privacy rights;
whereas, if you are from Russia,
you probably expect a surveillance state,
and you hope the federation will be
the 2nd coming of the Savior,
ensuring that bible culture is protected
(at least gayness will be hidden).

. but you will find by 2017,
that the secret militaries of usa and russia
have beam weapons of unimaginable power,
and that the purpose of global leadership,
is to make sure that such technologies
are never developed by individuals,
such as the anti-zionists
or the many doomsday cults, satanists,
and other anti-authority movements .
. the global leadership is not interested in
protecting your christian culture,
but they are equally not interested in
protecting your "right" to privacy .

. usa's citizens allow a micromanaging drug war
only because they are not affected by it
as they hide behind their privacy rights:
usa's majority feels confident
that outlaws are not getting caught .
. how are we supposed to detect deviations
if we're not allowed to see everything
all the time ?
. alas, usa is a hot house of crime,
and nothing they want now will change that .

. but in the new world of global law
security is master over privacy;
so, your only chance of not getting caught
is when Big Brother is OKing what you do .

. until recently the usa was like Russia,
imrisoning and discriminating against
bible-sex deviants .
. now usa is getting soft on drugs too;
all this is part of their military psyop,
where they are saying:
"look at this:
our global surveillance is not so bad
because we don't micromanage you
-- not like your alternative, the Russians:
they are too busy staring at gay pot smoker
to find the mad scientist with the beam weapons" .