my new year's resolution

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Lean In / Fall Down ART OF HUSTLE":
Alanna Coby: Word! Particularly relevant to women artists.
In contrast to the article, though,
I feel the advice I've gotten from
writing teachers over the years has been,
"Just write. Make time for it.
Don't wait for the ever-elusive 'inspiration'
because a working writer can't afford it.
Send out your writing and expect mostly rejection.
But keep sending it out."
. I made a new year's resolution
that is similar to that advice;
instead of being too cautious about
when it's time to do some blogging,
I will try to push myself to finish pieces sooner,
and get them posted within days of producing them,
rather than at the end of the month or year .
. I'm not getting paid to do blogging,
but I thought there was a similar dynamic:
we hesitate to release promptly
because we are afraid of rejection;
but the important thing is
demanding more of yourself:
that is what makes self-employment healthy
and has it promoting longevity:
it adds a regular pulse to your life .
. finding inspiration is not a problem
because I'm constantly into researching
and documenting that .
-- I'm also an obsessive logger:
every emotional moment is written down
just to get rid of it;
and sometimes that gets blogged too,
but the important thing is that it gives me
practice at translating thought into writing,
and it gives me the peace of mind
to do the other things that are bloggable .