High-Gristle Diet

10: health/High-Gristle Diet:
. I was reading on page 93 of Harley's Monroe 2013
about the "high-gristle diet".
. you might think think he is kidding,
going from veganism to "sausage",
but there is some science behind it .
. sausage and hotdogs are given as
typical sources of gristle;
but, the ideal convenience product is gelatin .
Dr. Ray Peat points out that gelatin has
a different amino acid profile than meat,
and that the two complement each other .
. if anyone is going to be eating animals,
they need to start with the whole animal,
not just the muscle meat;
say, by adding "5 or 10 grams of gelatin"
to a large meat portion .
. "gelatin is a protein which contains
no tryptophan, and only small amounts
of cysteine, methionine, and histidine.
Using gelatin as a major dietary protein
is an easy way to restrict the amino acids
that are associated with many of the
problems of aging" .

. modern hotdogs include grain-based fillers
and sausage can have mold toxins .
. both are also high in corn-fed grease
with artery-clogging palmitic acid
(a variety of saturated fat common in
grain-fed animals),
and most products with a lot of pork
have excessive amounts of omega-6 .

grams of macronutrients in various hotdogs:

hotdog, plain 100g:
10.6 protein
7 mono'oil [healthy monounsaturates]
5.2 sat'fat [mostly palmitic]
1.7 poly'oil [omega-6]
18.4 carb [appears to count the bun]

OSCAR MAYER, Wieners (pork, turkey) 100g
11 protein, 13.8 mono'oil
9.5 sat'fat [mostly palmitic]
4.25 poly'oil [omega-6]
2.7 carb (1.8 sugar) [ugly fillers]

OSCAR MAYER, Wieners (beef franks) 100g
11 protein, 14.7 mono'oil
12 sat'fat [mostly palmitic]
1.36 poly'oil [omega-6]
2.35 carb (1.6 sugar) [ugly fillers]

Sara Lee’s Ball Park Hot Dog
Protein: 5 g [single hotdog not 100g]
Total Fat: 15 g (5 g Sat'fat [mostly palmitic])

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