the wining x-prize car is here!

the winning x-prize car is here!
Edison2 CEO Oliver Kuttner`The Very Light Car:
. the production models should be < 1000lb;
the proto' was 830lb, yet crash testing is meeting spec's .
 . along with the weight loss, and aerodynamics,
 it features a revolutionary suspension system .
challenge.gov lists the spec's it met:
High fuel economy (100 MPGe)
low emissions (200 g/mi CO2e wells‐to‐wheels
greenhouse gas emissions and low tail pipe emissions);
Production‐capable and designed to reach the market
in volumes of at least 10,000 units per year;
Safe and affordable .
some comments I replied to:
We don't have to re-engineer the entire car
in order to reach 100mpg? well,
that was just the min'spec';
the prize went to the fastest, cheapest, greenest .
. safety and comfort for mileage
isn't a good tradeoff?
. this is a weatherproof recumbent,
cheaper to own than riding the bus!
if you want 2000lb of safety add-on's
why not 3000? why not a hummer;
be the best you can be;
I'm just glad to get off the friggin' bus .