anti-cancer selenium-cysteine compounds update

is the most valuable form of selenium
. garlic grown in a selenium-rich medium
can produce Se-methylselenocysteine;
which has been demonstrated in animal carcinogenesis bioassays
to be a non-toxic dose-dependent cancer cell-killing agent;
but, se-msc needs help against Survivin (apoptosis inhibitor).

here is the updated article:

8.10 ... 8.11: details of update:
cook/se/update sources for knol

update to personal experiences:

I was using lef.org’s item#00567; but that is now “obsolete”
and has been replaced by item#01679,
which now includes ascorbyl palmitate .
. after trying 100 doses of the replacement,
I did not feel the usual side-effects;
there was, however, a new sideaffect:
a burning in the back of my throat
(and ascorbyl palmitate doesn’t do that);
so, I’m suspicious there is no se-msc in it
(perhaps some mix up that will be corrected?).
. also adding to the suspicion,
is finding that all other sources of se-msc
have also been retired .
. the cancer treatment industry is very powerful;
and have actively suppressed natural treatments
therefore, I suspect they may have influenced availability .

update to sources of the best selenium

se-msc (Se-methylselenocysteine)

. by 2013 there are no trustworthy retail sources;
I no longer get good results from the lef.org product;
and, other retailers have discontinued their products .

wholesale sources:

Eburon-organics cas#26046-90-2
Se-Methylseleno-L-cysteine factsheet
chemos.de CAS#26046-90-2
– ships from Germany … expensive?
Watson International Ltd CAS#26046-90-2
– non-food-grade means the impurities could be highly toxic?
SigmaAldrich . when asking  for CAS#26046-90-2  they said
that was equivalent to CAS#863394-07-4
— that is the HCL version:
Se-(Methyl)selenocysteine hydrochloride
why is it stored at -20C ? short shelf-life?
– they claim cas#863394-07-4 is known for anti-cancer properties .

se-cysteine from garlic

{ gamma, γ }-glutamyl-Se-methyl-selenocysteine:
GarliSelect® 100caps * 100mg * 1000 ppm se  (10mg se) / $8.99+$10shipping[2013.8.10]
– this product is old: replaced by “Selenoforce” .
GarliSelect® is a selenium-enriched garlic product
Patent No: US 7,014,874 B1 Date: 21 March, 2006
standardized to yield 1000 ppm selenium as
1340 ppm N-γ(L-Glutamyl)Se-methyl-L-selenocysteine
300 ppm Se-methyl-L-selenosysteine
125 ppm L-Selenomethionine
40 ppm N-γ(L-Glutamyl)L-selenomethionine

se-garlic grown with symbiotic fungi (mycorrhiza)

. addition of mycorrhiza to the natural soil
increased the selenium uptake by garlic
tenfold to 15 μg/g (dry mass) — one part per thousand.
[ sprinkle MycoApply around your roots ]

ordinary Selenized Garlic composition:

73% γ-glutamyl-Se-methyl-L-selenocysteine
13% Selenomethionine
4% γ-glutamyl selenomethionine
3% Se-methylselenocysteine
2% Selenate

notes for project update

the links that need addressing:
. the amazon listing for the old lef.org product is dead:
B0041X7APU has been dustified .

. the iherb.com link was rewritten by wordpress.com;
they explained in the replacement link:
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. but my iherb link had no affiliate info!
however they are multi-level marketing schemers ...
. anyway, iherb sources are all dead;
they had multiple sources to the se-msc,
and now they only have the questionable lef.org product .

spectrumchemical.com links say your session expired:
. the best way to link spectrumchemical.com
is via google site search:
site:spectrumchemical.com cas 13410-01-0
site:spectrumchemical.com cas 10102-23-5

new places to get se-msc (cas#26046-90-2):
-- 2 out 5 of sources panned out:chemos.de
Watson International Ltd
-- non-food-grade means no warranty?

problem sources:

. some are warning that hbees.com is a malware site:

. the afi sells at their own site,
but they no longer carry garliselect
and don't yet carry selenoforce .

has the same address as eburonorganics:
(902 N AVENUE U Lubbock, Texas 79415)
eburonorganics also has this news:
. 17-Sep-2009 Eburon signs an MoU with Selenium, Ltd.
I'm deleting the reference to SELENIUM TECHNOLOGIES Inc
because I don't have a link for their se-msc .

selenoforce is found in a current product:
Lifegain Advanced Multi-Nutrient Supplement (30 Caps + 30 Tabs)
so, ask sabinsa.com for more products:
aq.cook/info@sabinsa.com/where to buy selenoforce?:
I was looking for products with selenoforce;
anything besides nativa's
Lifegain Advanced Multi-Nutrient Supplement ?
Phil Torrance

find a source for mycorrhizal fungi:
site:amazon.com MycoApply
The Dirty Gardener is selling it .

drmajeed.com talks about garliselect:
and includes this reference:
T. Tsuneyoshi, J. Yoshida, T. Sasaoka,
J Nutrition, 870S-872S (2006);www.garliselect.com
the patent info differs from the site's info?
use the site's more conservative estimates:
# garliselect.com:
standardized to yield 1000 ppm selenium as
1340 ppm N-γ(L-Glutamyl)Se-methyl-L-selenocysteine300 ppm Se-methyl-L-selenosysteine
125 ppm L-Selenomethionine
40 ppm N-γ(L-Glutamyl)L-selenomethionine
# Patent 7014874:
Composition of Enrichment ConcentrateConcentration and Elemental Selenium
1385 ppm 600 ppm
1340 ppm 340 ppm
125 ppm 50 ppm
40 ppm 10 ppm
tumor rates under various se forms:
Selenium-enriched garlic (20 g/kg in the diet
yielding 3 ppm naturally occurring selenium in the total diet)
vs Inorganic selenite yielding 3 ppm Se.
92 in controls
48 from selenite*,
36 Selenium-enriched garlic
*[ selenite and selenate are very cheap
and offered a significant reduction in tumors;
however, they are liver-toxic at higher doses;
and higher doses is where se is more anti-cancer ].
75 in controls
50 in se-yeast (se-methionine)
22 in se-garlic (se-...cysteine)