Marches for the various Truths on 9-11

American Muslim PAC`March for Truth:
20: context:
. one big stumbling block for Dr.Wood
as she communicates 9/11 was an inside job,
is seeming to imply that USA culpability
somehow washes away the guilt
of years of anti-zionist violence .
--[30: correction:
Dr.Wood has been very careful not to assert
any particular theories of who did what;
she only points out that there is evidence
that strongly suggests the use of beam weapons .
. it is a stretch to say she
communicates 9/11 was an inside job;
logical people seeing evidence of
directed energy weapons (DEW)
will tend to have intuition communicating to them
-- without Dr.Wood's intention --
that 9/11 was an inside job
( who else but USA insiders could do this
if a hijacked plane could not?! )
so, lets reword that:
. one big stumbling block for Dr.Wood
as her proof of DEW seems to imply
that 9/11 was an inside job,
is that the next logical question is:
ok, if USA's secret military did this
to motivate a war against anti-zionists
-- Islamic radical terrorism --
then is this war really justified ?
oh, and by the way,
anti-zionism is the new communism:
it could be dangerous to your career
to not support Israel under Zionism .
. if you think Islam is all about peace,
what do you think Israel is all about ?
. when Jews mass-migrated to the Holy land
backed by so many arrogant Christians,
-- especially the Nazis --
the Muslims who were being invaded
didn't just call their lawyers,
or in any way sue the United Nations
for giving Muslim lands over to the Jews;
no, Muslims think they are the new real Jews
and they won't be bought off:
they are not letting go of Israel
without a bloody fight to the end .
. and,
that is what the 911neocons were telling us
when they did that inside job on 9/11 .
. I want Christians and Muslims to apologize
for pushing the Jews in and out of Israel;
I'm not marching with either of them
-- Christians or Muslims --
for any cause related to either
9/11, terrorism, or the zionism war .
. why have a march against fear
when there is still so much to fear?
the Christians and Muslims are pawns
as the USA and Russia are conspiring
to launch the WWIII Shock & Awe
that ushers in a One World Government .

19: preface:
. keep in mind when reading the following
that USA and its traditions of liberty
had more to do with deists  and luciferians,
than with Christians .
. today we see the Christians and Muslims
are the principal war lords of the earth,
and they are instigated by the illuminati
into fighting over Israel to WWIII,
so that superweapons can shock the world
into accepting the One World Order
that can promise to keep the peace,
by eliminating all opposition .
. Christians, Muslims, and Zionists
will be blamed for the WWIII nightmare,
and the world will turn to luciferianism:
the belief in a god that provides technology,
that shining star of our morning,
a god that pawns us by
pulling at our every emotion
to cause the wars
that will promote tech evolution
-- a god that inspires the many religions
only to promote the wars that evolve us;
we will see through all the delusions
of Christianity, Islam, and Zionism
to realize we need to be
consciously preparing for future survival
with an high tech development program
rather than spend our energies on
trying to outbreed the other religion .

18: news:

. a co.member of the facebook group:
said at 8:47pm Aug 18,
Show you care and PLEASE SHARE.
***BREAKING*** Obama ain't be your Mama*
or your dirty daddy from Cincinnati!! | Obama
( beforeitsnews.com/obama/2013/08/... )
* [ "Mama" is a reference to MAMAF:
Million American March Against Fear on 9-11 .]
related to 911truthers? must see:
"... and don’t forget to attend the
The Million American March Against Fear
– originally the Million Muslim March,
until non-Muslims started asking to join
– is reaping a bonanza of publicity.
The Most Dangerous Weapon In Human History
Was Used On 9-11"
ok! let's hear more about this March .
. it was first announced by Iran:
Everyone knows that AIPAC, the American
Israel Public Affairs Committee,
is the most powerful lobby in Washington.
But starting next September 11th,
a new group, AMPAC (American Muslim
Political Action Committee),
will challenge AIPAC’s stranglehold on
American political life.

“We at AMPAC are planning a historic event
for 9/11/2013.
One million Muslims will march to Washington D.C.
and demand that our civil rights
be protected by our government.
We are demanding that laws be enacted
protecting our First Amendment rights.
We are asking President Obama
to fulfill his promise
from his first campaign for the Presidency
of a transparent government.
Lastly we are asking for the establishment of
a real 9/11 Commission
to reveal the truth to the American people.”

AMPAC founder MD Rabbi Alam,
a well-known Missouri Democratic Party organizer,
points out that
American Muslims, like other Americans,
were targeted on 9/11.
More than 60 Muslims were murdered
in the explosive demolitions of the
three World Trade Center skyscrapers on 9/11,
and a mosque in the South Tower was annihilated.

The attack on American Muslims’ free speech
actually appears to have begun a few days
before 9/11,
when the FBI raided key Muslim organizations
and shut down their computer servers.
The FBI’s raids preemptively prevented Muslims
from freely expressing and disseminating
their view of 9/11:
That it was an inside job,
presumably orchestrated by Israel [zionists]
and its American agents. [Christian Zionists]

Last year, AMPAC founder MD Rabbi Alam
was targeted by the Zionist-dominated media
for raising questions about
Israel’s role in 9/11.
Alam refused to be intimidated.
Instead, he responded by founding AMPAC
and launching plans for next year’s
9/11/2013 Million Muslim March on the White House.

Will AMPAC one day dislodge AIPAC from its throne?
Only time will tell.
Meanwhile, stay tuned to ampacus.webs.com/
for updates on next September’s Million Muslim March
huffingtonpost 8.15:
. [the march is] organized by AMPAC,
a fringe group led by MD Rabbi Alam,
a professed 9/11 truther who has
pushed controversial [anti-zionist]
conspiracy theories about the attacks.
the link given refers to this forum post:
MD Rabbi Alam 2009.2.19
“The Future Hopeful Leadership”
First of all I would suggest
all of you should see this link,
[ Loose Change 2nd Edition ]
and try to focus on what it is
this documentary is about.

Now, I can say this much which is a big yes
from my own understanding and own judgement.
But there is always the other side of the coin.

a Few question to my readers:
Why was 9/11 an official holiday for
all Jewish people who worked in the WTC?
[ ie, if it was an Islamic plot,
why was it that
the only ones with foreknowledge
appear to be zionists protecting Israelis ?
Who can tell me how many of the Jewish people
 died on the 9/11 tragedy?
[ actually, only Israelis were forewarned;
so, there could have been some Jewish deaths ...
Finally, who can tell me why there was a
closed-end security and a dog squad
in place at the lower level of the WTC
just a block before the 9/11?
What do you really think?
co.facebook# Million Muslim March for Peace:
With the recent events of violence,
I would like to take a step forward
 for us as Muslims
to create peace.
I will be working to organize an
interfaith peace march,
so the world can see what Islam really is.
I feel so strongly that
the best way to bring people to Islam
is through peace....
I hope and I pray that
Allah will give me the wisdom to
organize peace events in the coming months.
I will be using this page/group to
hopefully do everything I can to
organize one of the largest peace marches
this world has heard of, insha Allah
27: why the name change:
[ Million Muslim March for Peace
turns into MAMAF (Million American
March Against Fear on 9-11 ].
. Brigitte Gabriel, founder of ActForAmerica.org
blasted the American Muslim PAC:

“It is amazing how fast they changed
the original language on their website
claiming victimhood, bigotry, and
unfair treatment since Sept. 11th 2001,
once they were confronted and debated
by people like me
 who pointed out to them that
in the last four years alone
we have arrested 226 home grown terrorists
and 186 of them were Muslims.”

"Of all those who have ever
immigrated to America
who accounts for less than 2%
of the American population,
America never encountered such
hatred and terrorism
coming out of one faith based group  ...
[ is she speaking about ?
the first Protestants, or Muslims? ]

“In 11 years since 911,
the Islamic American community
has never organized a march to condemn
Islamic terrorism against America
and call out  al-Qaida[a CIA asset]
Hamas, Hezbollah, and al-Shabaab,
as terrorists;
Instead they are rallying to condemn America
for what they call unfair policy here and abroad.
It is about time the Muslim American community
comes out and condemns
the [many imam preachings that advocate]
 overthrowing our democracy
 and inciting hatred against  "infidels"
and America ...
They should be coming out by the millions
to support America and its policy of eradicating
Islamic terrorism, supremacy and violence".
MAMAF (Million American
March Against Fear on 9-11)
MAMAF's facebook page:
Join AMPAC along with Million American
March Against Fear on 9/11/13:
A Historic Event for Solidarity of Humanity
to Establish Peace, harmony and Justice
through a Civil Rights Movement.
Many non-Muslim Americans are
terrified of Muslims,
who are portrayed by Hollywood
and the US media
as fanatical terrorists.
Muslims, too, live in fear
– of being dragged off in the night
to Guantanamo and tortured,
simply for the crime of being Muslim
in the wrong place at the wrong time.

After discussing the matter last week,
with both Muslim and non-Muslim leaders,
the AMPAC (American Muslim
Political Action Committee)
has decided to abandon the “scary”
Million Muslim March.
Instead, it will launch a
Million American March Against Fear.
The march will still target the
White House in Washington, DC.
And it will still be held on
September 11th, 2013.

Why march against fear on 9/11?
September 11th, 2001 was the beginning of
a new era of fear.
The BBC documentary The Power of Nightmares
explains how global political elites
have embraced the politics of fear.
It is only a certain faction of American elites
who have hijacked the nation
and turned it away from its Constitution.

It is time to tell the politicians
that we are not afraid
of each other – or of them.
It is time for us to
stop cowering in our homes,
and take to the streets.
It is time to join together
and reject the politics of fear.

It is time to speak out and reject the
destruction of the Constitution
of the United States of America.
The neocons were able to shred the Constitution
because they succeeded, temporarily at least,
in making us afraid of each other.
But there is nothing to fear.
Terrorism is not a statistically significant threat.
[26: well, not now but:
wait until the wwIII for zionism heats up,
and the New World Order tries marshall law;
then a lot of Americans plan civil war,
and what the Patriot act will have done
is made these "patriots" knowable,
and fightable .]

They wrote the Patriot Act before 9/11,
and rushed it out immediately after 9/11.
We accepted it because we were afraid.
The two US Senators who were
not sufficiently fearful
– Tom Daschle and Patrick Leahy –
got US government anthrax in the mail.
After that, they too were afraid.
They stopped asking questions
about 9/11 and the Patriot Act,
and just went along with the program.

But as the 12th anniversary of 9/11 approaches,
we now know that there is nothing to fear.
The whole “terrorist threat” is a hoax
invented by fear-mongering politicians
to control our minds and pick our pockets.
[27: see the Preface and Context:
. AntiZionist's terrorism is no hoax,
and Muslims have a right to get defensive:
Zionism implied conquering Muslims! .]
Please join the Million American March Against Fear
in Washington, DC on September 11th, 2013.
MAMAF @ mamaf.webs.com:
Brothers and Sisters
In The Struggle For Peace and Justice,
On September 11th,
will you stand in peace with us?
Event: MAMAF - Million American
March Against Fear on 9/11/13
AMPAC - The American Muslim PAC
-- in cooperation and solidarity with ...--
PANDAA - People Against the
National Defense Authorization Act,
A&E -   Architects and Engineers for
9/11 Truth Movement,
Richard Gage - the Founder A&E
DC Area 9/11 Truth Movement,
OWS Movement,
AMA - American Muslim Alliance,
AMT - American Muslim Task Force,
NDPAAC - National Dem' Party Asian Amer' Caucus,
NYDPAAC - NY Dem' Party Asian Amer' Caucus,
NABAB - N.Amer' Bangladeshi Assoc' for Bangladesh,
MDPAAC - Missouri Dem' Party Asian American Caucus,
CLA - Community Leadership Affairs,
SACC - South Asian Chamber of Commerce,
Mosque Care,
CAIR Los Angeles Chapter,
[Council on American-Islamic Relations]
MAS Freedom - Muslim American Society,
MMAT -  Muslim Marching Against Terrorism,
Muslim Think Tank (Dr. Kevin Barrett)
and The March Against Drones (MAD)
will be gathering on the National Mall,
and then launching a march on the halls of power.

We invite you to stand with and join us
to Rally Against Fear
at 12 noon on The National Mall,
then the Congress, the Supreme Court,
and the White House,
to hold truth to power at the three
major branches of American government.

We ask all individuals and organizations
working for peace
to attend this collective action
to tell our Government leaders
we want transparency and policies of peace.
In the past 12 years since 9/11
the United States government
has failed to protect and promote
Constitutional liberties and human life,
here and abroad.
We feel that accountability in government
has been ignored
and the time has arrived
to collectively speak truth to power.

Speaking will be experts and individuals
on the lack of transparency
and questions plaguing 9/11,
steady erosion of domestic civil liberties,
drone policy and the very dire effect of these
on of plight of American Muslims here at home,
and Muslim communities globally
in the scope of U.S. imperialism,
and the modern face of resistance to
unmanned aerial surveillance and warfare.
-- http://www.MAMAF.webs.com
huffingtonpost 8.15:
Organizers of the "Million Muslim March"
have defended the timing of their event
by noting that
"Muslim[s] and Non Muslim[s] alike
were traumatized" on Sept. 11, 2001.
True, but beneath the group's insistence that
the march will be about civil rights, ...
lies a toxic strain of trutherism[sic].
[ would that be Dr.Wood's strain?
or the anti-zionist strain ? ]
That fact led Corey Saylor,
spokesman for the  CAIR
(Council on American-Islamic Relations),
to tell U.S. News last month that
CAIR would definitely not support the event.
[ yet CAIR Los Angeles will be attending .]
usnews 07.16 march reorients to seek 911-truth:
"We want to hold President Obama accountable
for his empty promises of
creating a transparent government,"
march organizer Isa Hodge told U.S. News.
"What exactly have we spent all our money,
lost lives and taken lives for?"
"FBI traps,"  "illegal tapping and surveilling
of Muslim Americans";
 the National Defense Authorization Act,
which authorizes the president to approve
indefinite detentions.
"media propaganda making the word terrorist
synonymous with Muslim,"
The entire record of the 9/11 Commission
has never been released."

Pennsylvania's Williamsport Tea Party
is said to have agreed to join with planners;
also attending will be those who adhere to
conspiracy theories* about the 9/11 attacks.
*:[ Dr.Wood and Dr.Reynolds

offer conspiracy proof not just theory
-- far more proof than Richard Gage's
Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth,
with a far more fitting theory .]
Muslim March 2014 and beyond:
 by AMPAC on July 31, 2013 at 1:35 AM  
"Million Muslim March" spawns
annual conference, think tank

AMPAC is making its "Million Muslim March"
on September 11th in Washington, DC
an annual event - complete with
conference and think-tank.

"We American Muslims reject violence
and terrorism,
and defend the Constitutional rights
of all Americans,"
says Alam, founder of AMPAC.
"Every year on September 11th, beginning in 2013,
we will be marching in Washington DC
as we build toward our goal of bringing
one million American Muslims
to march in our nation's capital."

AMPAC's first annual event
kicks off this September 11th,
as Muslims and non-Muslims
join together in Washington, DC
for the Million American March Against Fear.
"Both Muslims and non-Muslims
have been victimized
by the politics of fear," Alam says.
"We reject fear and the divide-and-conquer
politics it inspires.
We want to bring Americans together
under the Bill of Rights
 to work for a better future."

Some have questioned
why AMPAC has chosen September 11th
for its annual march and conference
in Washington, DC.
"All Americans were victimized that day,"
says Alam. He points out that
dozens of Muslims were killed
in the World Trade Center demolitions,
and that the phony "war on terror"
launched by 9/11
has claimed two main victims:
Muslims, and the Constitution
of the United States of America.
"It is time for Muslim and non-Muslim
Americans to join together to
defend our Constitution," Alam says.
He added that he hopes that
as American Muslims become an
ever-greater force in American politics,
they will use their growing clout
to reject violence and extremism
and help America return to Constitutional rule.
27: countermarch:

another heads up from the facebook page:
. we are urged again to march on 9/11,
but also informed that there will be
anti-truther and anti-muslim factions
deliberately trying to outnumber the truthers .

co.facebook# 2 Millions Bikers to DC:
35,248 likes · 17,803 talking about this
The best way to counter bad speech
is to oppose it with good speech.
Sometimes “speech” can be expressed simply by
the number of people who are willing to
show up to support a principle.
That’s the view that bikers across America have
as they prepare to join a “2 MILLION BIKER RIDE TO DC”
to counter the planned September 11
“Million Muslim March” on DC.
. look at AMPAC's
"Million American March Against Fear:
peace, harmony, and justice;
a civil rights movement for humanity"
Don’t believe the advertising:
this is a gathering of
anti-American, anti-Semitic Truthers.
Peacefully assembling to defend
core American values.
in the comments: Kevin "Top Commenter":
"Bikers" have changed over the years.
The whole genre started when
veterans came back from the war
and started motorcycle clubs.
Now, bikers and biker gangs
are two different things,
although many of the "gangs"
like Hell's Angels, Outlaws, etc
have come around a bit
and actually do some good works now.
It may be bikers
that ultimately save this country.
co.facebook# OverpassesForObamasImpeachment:
Impeachment group crashing 9/11 Muslim march
'It seems like a lot of people
like to hijack things'...
OverpassesForObamasImpeachment 9/11:
AMPAC claims,” Many non-Muslim Americans
are terrified of Muslims,
who are portrayed by Hollywood and the U.S. media
as fanatical terrorists.. ..

James Neighbors, the founder of
Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment,
is bothered that AMPAC is choosing to
make its statement on the very day
that [ USA's secret military pulled off 9/11
and blamed it on ] fanatical Muslim terrorists ...

James Neighbors had begun to organize
a march on Washington on Sept. 9,
dedicated to bring attention to its primary mission,
removing President Obama from office.
But he moved the date to Sept. 11.
specifically to oppose the Muslim march .

WND asked Neighbors if he was concerned
critics may try to brand his group
as bigoted for opposing a Muslim march.

“As a movement we have no particular
issue with Islam,
but the fact of the matter is
9/11 is the day, across America,
people [were fooled by a media trick
into believing that ] planes smashed
into the World Trade Center;
and, because the hijackers of those
[fictional] planes
[allegedly] happened to be Muslim,
it’s left a bad impression around the
[uninformed parts of the] nation
that Muslims chose this particular day
for their march.
27: conclusion:
. resistance is futile;
2014-2015 is a big year for Israel;
and 2016 is Armageddon:
where a WWIII over Israel's security,
leads to the apocalyptic use of
the dustifying beam weapons
that Dr.Wood warned us about .