#bible #Exodus icon of expand&purge cycles

4.9: relig/bible/Exodus/icon of expand&purge cycles:
12.14: summary:
. Exodus is seen as a story of escaping slavery
but it is an icon of expand&purges cycles
that have occurred throughout history
at least until WWIII brings in a global union .

enslavement in Egypt was planned:
. the god invited the Hebrews to a wealthy Egypt,
in order to easily increase their numbers
to a point where they would be able to
take the Promised land by overwhelming force .
. this was repeated in the 20th century
for the creation of the state of Israel .
Genesis 12:
10 And because there was little food,
he went south, down into Egypt.
Genesis 15:
7 And he said to him, I am ADONAI,
who took you from Ur of the Chaldees,
to give you this land for your heritage.
8 And Abram said, O ADONAI God,
how may I be certain that it will be mine?
… [he is then told by ADONAI
to perform a special sacrificial ritual ]
11 And evil birds came down on the bodies,
but Abram sent them away.
12 Now when the sun was going down,
a deep sleep came on Abram,
and a dark cloud of fear.
13 And ADONAI said to Abram,
Truly, your seed will be living in
a land which is not yours,
as servants to a people who will be
cruel to yours for four hundred years;
14 But I will be the judge of
that nation which enslave yours,
and yours will come out from among them
with great wealth.

. what are the new versions
of the Egyptian slavery story
where a foreigner is used as an incubator
for empowering an invasion?
. according to Abram's prophesy
the purpose of the Egyptian tour was to
build numbers for the military power needed
for the take-over of the Promised land .
. the people were told they were invited
because their root father was valuable to the elites;
but when they become numerous
(and there was regime change)
they would wear out their welcome;
they would be treated as foreigners, enslaved,
and that would compel them leave .

. one routine used during the recent world wars
is to time war after an economic depression
so that unemployment encourages people to
accept soldiering jobs for the war .
. people generally use profits from good weather
to increase their population size
rather than save for lean times,
and then they revolt during times of famine .

. the Egyptian slavery story is thus iconic
of what every nation's god has done:
using expansion during times of plenty
followed by revolt during times of famine
to engineer a regime change .
. during wwIII,
the globalists will attempt a takeover;
would you say they were an example of
expanding during good times ?
what they did was expand technologically,
and they need to strike soon
before the resistance becomes equally enabled .
. if the globalists have the technology to
stay in control after wwIII
they can put an end to periodic war
or they might have no control of expansion
and would still allow endless civil wars
or plagues of war-like crime .